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Yoga Can Be Used As Tool To Fight Addiction


savasanaAddiction is difficult, plain and simple. To recover from something that had such a hold on your life for probably years, takes work every single day, and a wide number of tools and skills need to be tried until you figure out what works best for your life in recovery from substances.

Have you tried yoga? Many people who no longer abuse drugs and alcohol declare that yoga can be used as a tool to fight addiction, mainly because it forces you to stay in the moment. When you are using your body physically, and you let your mind surrender its thoughts to only focusing on what your body is doing, your addict brain is not trying to convince you that getting high or intoxicated is even an option.

When you slow down your cognitive thought processes, and you are solely focused on the here-and-now not only are you centered and most in-touch with your whole being, you are also more conscious and can make better decisions for yourself.

Breating exercises, like the ones used in yoga, can help provide relaxation, mental clarity and even lower blood presure. Additionally exercising helps maintain serotonin and dopamine levels and add to a person’s overall health. Being healthy makes it easier to abstain from destructive addictions.

Impulse Behavior Control

One well-known characteristic of addicts is impulsive behavior. Yoga is a great way to counteract the desire to act  on cravings or triggering events that would have lead to substance use in the past. Practicing yoga helps a person build discipline and self respect, attributes that are often lacking in people battling with addiction.

Yoga also increases self-love, which many addicts have struggled with for years, even before chemical dependency began. The better you feel about yourself overall, the less likely you are to want to escape from your life, or to poison your body and brain with harmful chemicals and substances.

Helpful Tool In Battling Addiction

If you are an addict looking to sustain a healthy life of recovery from your prior drug, or drugs, of choice, are you willing to try something like yoga to see if it is a tool that can help you fight your addiction?

There is a yogi (one who teaches yoga), a man named Abdi, who swears that yoga, meditation, martial arts, and acupuncture saved him from a life of addiction that was leading him toward jail or death. He is just one man who battled his own addiction, and now helps other addicts through the holistic approaches he’s found helpful. Almost 30 years later, Abdi is still sober and is still appreciating a present life; a conscious choice to live in the moment.

Can Yoga Help?

Can yoga be a tool for you, or someone you love, in a fight against addiction? Many substance abuse rehab programs now incorporate yoga into the treatment schedule as one way of helping addicts find peace and serenity in recovery. See if it can work for you!

Written by Dr. Priya Chaudhri, Ph.D., an addiciton expert who works at The Control Center treatment center that uses holistic treatment opitons like yoga to help fight addiction.

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