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Women’s Fitness: Lose Weight the Healthy Way


It’s a given fact that women are more pressured to look good over men.  In high school, an overweight male can pass up for a football player, and excel in it.

Because of his popularity in the sport, his weight issues are overlooked.  On the other hand, chubby high school girls are rarely admitted to sports teams or cheer-leading squads.  Instead, peers usually make fun of her weight.  

Because of this double standard, women are more susceptible to go on crash diets, and sometimes end up being sick with an eating disorder, just for the purpose of becoming thin and attractive.  However, losing weight should never equate for being sick;   in contrast, it should be linked to wellness.  Shedding off pounds can be done in a healthy manner, by having a well-balanced diet and doing the right exercise routines.  To begin with, though, your goal of losing weight should never be mainly to look good, but to feel good.

Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

A lot of women get sick while dieting because they skip meals.  They have the misconception that to lose weight fast, they need to stop eating, or eat just once day.  This mistaken belief has been going on for too long now, and people, not just women, need to know the truth.  If you skip meals, your body will respond by slowing down the burning of calories, which is the body’s natural response to starvation.   The long term effect would be your storing of fats, instead of losing them.  Besides, starving yourself is not healthy, since it deprives your body of the nutrition it needs to function well.

The Right Diet

What is the right diet, you may wonder?  There is not one type of diet that exists that can help everyone to lose weight fast.  However, a healthy and well-balanced diet can have a great effect in making your metabolism become faster.  A healthy diet should be high in protein and fiber, and low (much better if it’s zero) in processed sugars and fats.

To shed of your excess weight, you should eat a lot of fiber rich vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy protein sources, such as lean cuts of meats, poultry, fish, and bean products.  Both protein and fiber influences the speed of the body’s metabolism, and both also help make the stomach feel full longer.  Protein aids in sustaining muscles during weight loss, while fiber helps rid the body of cholesterol and toxins, through regular bowel movements.

Women’s Fitness Gyms: Boxing?

Some women ask themselves what they’re doing wrong, because they work out regularly but still can’t seem to shed off those unwanted pounds.  The answer to that is simple – they are not doing it right!  Just like diet, you also need to have the right exercise routines to lose weight.  An effective exercise routine would be cardio, since it impacts the entire body, and not just a particular area of it.   By the way, there is no such thing as a spot reduction exercise.  If you want to lose that fat belly of yours, or flabby arms, you need to do exercises that target the entire body.  One type of exercise that will give you the effect you need of weight loss is boxing.  Yes, you read it right – boxing.

When you hear the word, ‘boxing’, you think of Muhammad Ali or Manny Pacquiao.  You think that the sport is only for men, but that’s completely untrue.  Boxing is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, and is a full-body workout.  The said sports/exercise increases the body’s metabolism (that leads to fat burning), helps increase stamina, flexibility, strength, endurance, develops coordination and body balance, and can make you look fit because it tones the muscles of the body.  An added benefit not related to fitness is that women can use their knowledge of boxing to protect themselves, in case they’re physically attacked.

Because boxing as a workout routine is becoming popular, a lot of boxing gyms have begun to appear in the country.  If you are planning to start boxing to get fit, you can check out boxing gyms nearest you.  If you are conscious about going to a gym full of ‘boxing’ men, don’t worry, there are boxing gyms that are strictly for women only, wherein you can be trained by professional women boxing trainers.

Some Last Words of Encouragement for Women Dieting and Working Out

By reading this post, I hope I have instilled in you the fact that weight loss could never be achieved by dieting or working out alone, but by a combination of both.  The diet secret is to eat less, and move more.  By doing the right exercises and having a healthy diet, you will not only achieve your ideal body weight, you will also be able to protect your body from illnesses.  Women tend to experience more stresses in life, balancing work and family.  By having a healthy well-being, you can easily work through this.    I know that the goal of losing weight appears like it’s hard to reach, but just think about the end result – a fit and attractive body, and you will see that it’s all worth the effort.

By Samatha Hayes. If you’re interested in building your own home gym check out this treadclimber comparison chart.

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