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  • on 26.05.2011
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What Type of Wine is Best For Prolonging Your Lifespan?


There are many people on the planet that love wine. It’s not only something they do, but a lifestyle. It’s great to sit down with family and friends at your favorite restaurant or around the dinner table and sip on your favorite vintage.

However, did you ever think that you’re actually drinking something good for your body and helping you prolong your life in the process?

If you drink red wine, you just might be doing that. A healthy compound named revasterol is found in many red wines. It’s a naturally occurring substance found in the skin of the grape and is present in wine after processing. Researchers from all over the globe have been studying this remarkable compound for many years and have documented the benefits for the body.

Revasterol acts as an antioxidant in the body that reduces the amount of free radicals. Free radicals produced by our body can attack our cells. The damage can predispose us to many conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, aging and stroke. A study at the at the University of Buffalo in New York concluded that humans consuming revasterol have a better chance of reducing the effects and development of heart disease, aging, strokes and type two diabetes.

In the study, half of the participants were given revasterol while the other half had only a placebo. Both groups consumed one pill a day for a total of six weeks. After the trial period, their blood was taken after week 1 and well as 3 and 6. They found that the revasterol minimized the effects of molecules known to cause inflammation in our bodies. It also slowed down the production of insulin in the body, thus reducing diabetes risk. The placebos users had no change. It needs to be noted that this study, like all others, has limitations. Other variables could also be responsible for the results.

So what kind of wine should you drink to take advantage of this remarkable compounds healing and protection?

You’ll find it in red wine. This is because it’s found in the skin of the red grape. Again, in another study of red wines throughout the world, there are some regions and types of wine that have higher concentrations of revasterol than others. It’s been found that the highest levels of revasterol are in the pinot noir grapes found in cooler, rainy environments such as the Finger Lakes in the regions of Upstate New York as well as  Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

In France, the cool Burgundy region is also a hot spot for the pinot noir grape. These grapes have been tested and confirmed to have more than 40 times the revasterol compared to the merlots or cabernet sauvignon.

So besides the enjoyment of drinking, wine has some great health and longevity benefits that may help you live a longer healthier life.

The article is written by Blake Bolston for GraysOnline, where Blake is the head wine tester/buyer. GraysOnline are passionate about red wine. We’ve even created a special wine tasting panel made up of experts and everyday buyers. If they vouch for the quality of a red wine, we’re happy to offer it to the public.

  • Mark Clinard

    It's spelled “resveratrol”.  Higher concentrations of this compound are also found in vines growing at higher elevations.  The compound increases in plants that are starved of O2, and ones that are fighting off fungus ie:  east coast wines.

  • 200palms

    Can we be a bit cautious? Wine labels say: 14% alcohol or so. Does anyone care to recall alcohol is a known carcinogen and can cause birth defects depending on the dose. Drink around 5 three ounce glasses of wine daily and you are getting a hefty dose of carcinogens. I cannot fathom how a person can be concerned about resveratro or whether grapes are organically grown while ignoring the exposure to alcohol.

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