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What Type of Vitamins Should You Take When Traveling?


As any experienced traveler can tell you, the excitement of a new adventure can be both physically and emotionally taxing. From adrenaline rushes throughout the long day, to exhausting walks around a new city, traveling isn’t all fun and games.

Combined with the effects of jet lag, many people end their vacations more tired than they began.

One easy way to combat fatigue and keep your body in tip-top shape throughout your journey is to take vitamins and nutritional supplements during your trip. Making certain your body is getting enough nutrients will help your immune system fight off any bugs, and keep your energy levels high enough to attack the day with gusto.

When preparing for your upcoming trip, you’ll want to keep a few different things in mind:

Find the Right Vitamin

Different supplements offer different benefits for your body. A B-complex multivitamin is a great option for many travelers, as it well help you keep your energy high and support your nervous system. Vitamin C is another vitamin you’ll likely want to arm yourself with, which will strengthen your entire immune system.

Consider Keeping the Original Packaging

With airlines charging outrageous fees for baggage, many travelers are tight on space in their carry on bags. You may be tempted to chuck the packaging of your vitamins to save a few inches of space in your bag. It’s a better idea to hold on to the original box or bottle, in the event that a customs or baggage agent would become suspicious of your supplements.

Prepare for the Unknown

A well-prepared traveler is a happy traveler. Rather than waiting for your body to develop systems on your journey, plan ahead for any difficulties you may encounter. If you’re traveling during allergy season, consider taking along a form of Echinacea, which will keep symptoms at bay. Essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E are also great supplements to keep in your arsenal, to make certain your body’s nutrient needs are being met, regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in.

Taking the time to find the right vitamins and supplements before your leave will ensure an easy journey and a great time had by all. Remember, should you have any hesitations about introducing new supplements to your diet, you may want to consider visiting your doctor before embarking on your adventure. A medical professional will be able to advise you on the appropriate course of action for your specific circumstances. Bon voyage!

Maybe you could do some research before preparing for the unknown. Using people search engines to find and talk to people living in the destination where you are going to go can be helpful.

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  • Ronyandb

    Vitimin C stays on top of my list when I do travel for 7 or 10 day's. Another thing is that I take some multi vitamins with me always. But these are the last thing I am going to use. I always prefer natural food over vitamins.

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