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What To Do About Chronic Back Pain


Roughly 70 percent of adults will at one point in their lives seek treatment and relief for back pain. Many of those suffering with bad backs experience what doctors refer to as chronic back pain. What causes these symptoms and what can be done to alleviate the pain associated with them?

Adult females who have given birth to one or more children have an increased likelihood of experiencing some form of chronic back pain due to the physiological changes which occur during child birth. The most obvious solution would be to stop having babies, however, not a very practical way to deal with the pain.

Many neurosurgeons who specialize in pain treatment and chronic back pain cases advocate for the patient to get themselves in better physical shape. In many age related pain cases, doctors feel assured that the natural strengthening of ligaments and other core muscles which result from being in good aerobic shape can help reduce or even eliminate spinal related injuries and pain.

It is even hypothesized that the natural affects of the Earth’s gravity constantly pulling down on our the bones, connective tissues and ligaments in our bodies is one factor associated with chronic joint pain. Again, not much to do about eliminating gravity, but getting oneself into better physical condition is always a way to battle age and the natural forces which are constantly attacking the human body.

Some individuals may find themselves victims of some sort of repetitive stress or strain injury due to their occupations, or long term hobbies. If it can be shown that a current or previous employment opportunity is the cause of chronic back pain, the patient may well consider their eligibility for some sort of disability payments.

There are a number of agencies which might provide those in back pain with both treatment as well other financial compensations due to their conditions. Individuals who are in doubt about their chances of receiving disability compensation should seriously consider seeking legal representation as the paths required can be often times be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Getting proper medical evaluations is the only real way of understanding exactly what is the cause of chronic back pain. Once the patient has a clear picture of where the pain is located, and what may be at fault, they will hopefully have a number of options regarding the best way to deal with that pain.

For many the idea of undergoing heavy pain medication therapy is not something they welcome. For such patients, there are a number of physical and mental therapies which could provide needed relief.

Depending upon the nature and source of the pain, simply strengthening muscles with the addition of stretching exercises can be enough for the body to fight off the discomfort.

Other situations might benefit from the patient learning to administer their own relaxation therapies. Whether simply relaxing and focusing on areas of their body not in pain, or diving deeper into various meditation techniques, the power of the mind has been shown to be just as strong as some medications on the affected areas.

The more adventurous might consider hypnotherapy to be for them. Either their therapist may put them under a trance and implant a subconscious suggestion that their pain is not as severe as it may truly be, or the patient is taught methods of self-hypnosis. Many believe that applying hypnotherapy to oneself is simply another form of relaxation techniques. No matter what one calls it, the proof is in the results provided to the pain sufferer.

To be sure, chronic back pain is nothing to be wished away. Dealing with moderate to extreme levels of pain all day, every day can have psychological as well as physical results. Getting pain therapy treatment as well as disability benefits where appropriate can help those in severe pain get back on their feet leading lives of action and happiness.

Kara Taylor is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about a number of health topics. She is currently focusing on chronic pain managment and studying up on long term disability laws.

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