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What is Google Health?


Health information technology is the method of electronically storing health-related information files and records into a database. Transmitting medical records is faster and more effective by using such technology.

What is Google Health?

Google Health is new health information technology that provides an easy way to gather, store, manage, and share medical records and health information. Google Health is a database of online personal health records.

Benefits to the User:

When you place your medical history in Google Health, it gets updated. One of the greatest advantages to this is that physicians can access your previous medical history; this allows physicians to better diagnose you. You have access to your own health information with Google Health.

Below are some things Google Health allows its users to do:

  • Build online health profiles
  • Import medical records from physicians and pharmacies
  • Learn about health issues
  • Find helpful resources, search for physicians and hospitals
  • Connect to online tools and services

You can then enter basic personal information and detailed information about health conditions, medications, lab results, surgeries/procedures, allergies, and more. Users with Google accounts can share information with others and stop sharing at any given time. The ability to link to a number of personal health services such as comparisons of medications and importing lab results is another great feature of Google Health.

Personal health record services are moving in the direction of electronic information technology. Google Health users can link to tools such as the Anvita Health Drug Comparison Tool; this tool offers a personal comparison of medications. Some services, when enabled, are able to access and update health records automatically.

Google Health allows you to import your health records into your Google Health account from doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies that are connected. You can also keep up with your weight, blood pressure, and other wellness metrics and track goals for those metrics.

Google Health allows you to store as much or as little health information as you wish. It has an online dashboard that you can use to track all your health-related information and goals. Using Google Health allows you to consolidate your medical information and health and wellness information into one convenient storage location. There is a search box at the top of every page in Google Health named “Search the Web.” Entering data into that query box takes you to external aggregated sources.

Confidentiality and Security of Your Health-Related Information

Your medical records are kept confidential through Google Health due to its privacy policy. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; it updates Health Information Portability and Accountability Act security provisions to include Google Health. Google Health users must be notified if confidentiality of their personal data is compromised. Your health information belongs to you; Google Health uses encryption and other security techniques to keep your health information confidential.

Related Costs or Required Accounts

The application to use Google Health is free, but you must have a Google account. Google Health is also free to doctor’s offices, hospitals, retail pharmacies, and other providers.

Be in charge of your health-related information, monitor goals, and have access to your information by using Google Health.

Dylan Marsh is Social Media Manager at Carrington College, a recognized medical billing and coding school, where he focuses on interacting with college students via Carrington Colleges Groups social website properties.

  • Bobby

    I didn't know that google has get in to the field of healthy.
    But, when I've check the google site, I saw an update information from google that this product will be discontinued.

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