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Weight Loss is a Happy Adventure


Have you noticed how a TV host specializing in sweets, cakes and all those sinful chocolate preparations looks vibrant, youthful and in perfect shape, even though she is reportedly in her early fifties? Contrarily, another host of the same age who talks about diet, nutrition, health on the television seems to have aged too soon.

The question is what and how much does nutrition help in weight loss? Maybe it is time to look at weight loss in a wholesome manner with joie de vivre to give the process a twist of fun and frolic. Time and again it has been proven a positive and pleasant disposition brings about the desired result.

Happy thought for happy results

So then is it all in the mind? Getting thin or adding kilos – are these actually formulated in the mind before you execute mental orders? It is so. When you look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see, no amount of negative comments can change your mind. Similarly, if your reflection keeps you shying away from the mirror you will surely take to heart any comment on your physical appearance. So first love yourself, because that is the biggest motto to the weight loss path.

A nice way to start on a diet full of nutrition is to make your own menu which includes all your favorite dishes. The very idea makes you happy, doesn’t it? Now that you have started on a happy note, check whether your diet list is a balanced one. It is easily done; you just need to compare with the formal weight loss nutrition diets available online. Alternate or scale down on some food item if there is a discrepancy and you still have your own diet, remember? Now set about cooking your menu everyday, it is going to make you so busy getting the raw materials, cutting, chopping, cooking and singing as you go about it. Excellent!

Yes, you got it right; a little happy exercise makes all the difference to your heart and constitution. The heart works better and brings back that color to your cheeks and lifts your heart, so to say. Now you may even venture out for regular walks or join a local gym with a gung-ho attitude. You may even join in with the kids when they play ball and in the bargain you breathe in fresh air, feel rejuvenated while you teach a trick or two to the little ones. Everyone is happy and that is what matters, right?

Little tips, big difference

Now while you are on the weight loss adventure, here are a few tips that might give you an edge over other ‘contestants’. If you love red meat do your best to replace it with white meat, fish or even lean ground turkey and you are sure to have conquered a huge mountain in the weight loss game. Eggs give you more protein and less calories; so egg preparations can keep you happily engaged. Try out different vegetable dishes, you will find a vast treasure of recipes online that can really lure you into becoming a veggie. Fruits, cucumbers, carrots and lettuce help to sparkle your teeth, brighten your eyesight and keep your mouth fresh all day. Reasons enough to waltz into a nutrition weight loss diet and relish your image in the mirror as the days go by. Cheers and happy weight loss!

On my weight loss blog you will be able to find a complete list of foods high in protein and also detailed information on vegetarian diets.

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