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  • on 19.03.2013
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Weight Loss for Women – The Tasty Way


tasty-weight-lossMaintaining the right weight is a survival necessity that no one can afford to ignore. Some people may manage to lose weight by a diet and exercise regimen over a few weeks or months. But they often hit a roadblock when it comes to maintaining that weight.

Even the extra weight of a few pounds is not good for anyone’s body. Aches and pains will be your constant companion if you let those extra pounds tag on to you all the time, and a plump body will weaken your immune system also. Above all, whatever your age is, it is important to have a trim body to look good and feel fit.

The commonly found weight reduction shakes help weight loss by melting away the muscle mass also along with unwanted body fat. Muscle is in fact heavier than fat, and when both fat and muscle are lost, the weighing scale would obviously show reduced weight. We would foolishly feel happy when we find that we are indeed weighing much less.

What people do not realize is that losing muscle mass is actually counterproductive because insufficient muscle mass will cause the metabolic rate to become slow. The body will then lose its capacity to burn calories at the required rate and that will only help weight gain instead of weight loss.

The net result is that you would eventually be gaining what you are trying to shed.

Solving the problem

An almost foolproof solution has been found to prevent this scenario, and that is including Leucine in the food you take. Leucine is an essential amino acid that the body has to obtain from outside sources since it is not synthesized within. It improves protein synthesis in muscles and thus prevents the loss of muscle mass.

Shaklee, a nutrition company that has been in the field for more than half a century now, has established the potential of Leucine to reduce weight and protect muscles. It has introduced a weight loss program known as Shaklee 180, based on the use of protein bars, shakes, energy tea, and dietary supplements containing Leucine.

The program, also known as the Cinch Inch Loss Program, consists of a 3 month regimen when the user subsists mainly on these shakes and bars and tea and vitamin tablets. The company will provide full support to the users through recipes and exercise guidelines, and by educating them in the way in which the program works.

Every food item that you will be using for this weight loss program is absolutely free from defects and is above reproach. Dr. Jamie McManus, who heads the research team that has created the program, and her teammates have ensured that. Following the program will lead not only to immediate weight loss but also to maintaining that right weight continuously.

Regular exercising is an inseparable part of this weight loss program. There is no short cut to weight loss without exercises.

Finally, a small tip. Try to get a partner or friend to join you in the program to make the whole process smoother and more enjoyable.

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