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Ways To Suppress Appetite And Hunger


diet-planThere is no denying the fact that most people look for ways to reduce their appetite and the main reason for that being the need to reduce weight. The number of obese people in the world is increasing at a rapid rate and so is the percentage of population who are obese. This has put a lot of importance on the need to reduce weight and people have now started to understand the dangers of being obese, and are opting for different ways to lose weight.

The ideal way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of calories that you consume, and this does not mean you will have to go on a crash diet. By burning more calories than you consume, the body will have to derive energy from the fat that is stored in the body and this helps reduce the fat content in the body and lose weight. To reduce the intake of calories one has to know how to suppress his or her appetite, so let us look at a few ways in which appetite can be curbed. For more ways to suppress appetite click on the following link to a Wiki page.

  • Ensure that you consume some amount of protein in the morning. Proteins are known to keep you satisfied for longer periods of time and this will help you to skip snacks in between meals. Some of the protein that you can opt for is yoghurt, egg whites or some lean protein.
  • Use potatoes that are healthy to reduce hunger. Potatoes are known to take longer time to digest and opting for a medium baked potato or a potato salad that is free of mayonnaise can help you feel fuller for longer.
  • Grapefruit is known to help regulate blood sugar levels and fat metabolism in the body. Therefore having about half a grapefruit with each meal will be a good way to keep sugar levels normal curbing hunger.
  • Having foods that are high on oleic acid is a good option to reduce appetite. Oleic acid is said to send signals to the brain to help reduce appetite and therefore having foods that are rich in oleic acid like avocados, peanut butter, olive oil, nuts, etc, can be tried. Ensure that the unsaturated fat intake is not more than 20% of the calories consumed daily.
  • Having soups or organic broths that are low on calories before a meal will help reduce appetite. By having soups or broth before a meal, you will feel fuller and will consume less food during the meal. If you opt for a low calorie chicken noodle soup, you will be able to get the protein from the chicken and the benefit of the soup in one.
  • Flaxseeds are said to be rich in fiber and good in controlling hunger. As flax seeds are rich in fiber, they will keep the blood sugar levels in the body from rising quickly and this helps reduce hunger.
  • Drinking water regularly will help you keep your appetite under control. Drinking a glass of water before a meal will reduce intake of food and help you reduce the amount of calories consumed.
  • Consume caffeine to suppress appetite. Coffee is said to be very good appetite suppressant, but too much of caffeine can be a problem. Try green tea instead, which is also good to reduce appetite and much healthier than coffee.

Matthew Anton, a freelance blogger has done a lot of research into ways to suppress appetite and a few options that are known to work have been shared to benefit other people.

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