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Using An Injury To Come Back Stronger


cat-with-injured-eyeWhether you are a sporting professional or someone who simply likes to keep fit in their spare time you are always at risk of an injury occurring. Often it can be through nothing but pure misfortune and the extent of an injury can impact upon your whole life in so many ways. The exact recovery time is dependent on so many factors and this is why it can often be difficult for doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists to put an accurate timeframe on the situation. When the time does come for you to begin taking part in physical activity again you should treat it as the perfect chance to make improvements in the way you do things in order to give yourself the best possible protection from future problems.

Evaluate your activities

If you experience an injury then the first thing that should be in your thoughts when you return to fitness is whether you can change your activities in some way to benefit yourself in the future. If you can clearly see that the technique you used was one that increased the chances of injury occurring then put in the effort to find a better way of doing things. Also consider whether the activities you take part in provide you with enough opportunity to work all areas of your body or whether you are overloading on specific parts.

Make it a steady return

It would be very difficult to find an example of someone who has gone through an injury and successfully thrown themselves straight back into physical activity at the same pace they were at before they experienced the problem. Your body is a sensitive instrument and it needs to be treated in this way when you are getting used to exercise again so do not try to do too much.

Focus on your core

A good basis to a healthy body is a strong core and this can help you with avoiding injuries in a number of ways. It is sensible to devise a schedule that allows you to give focus to improving this area of your fitness when you work your way back from an injury.

Set targets

Giving yourself goals that are possible to reach but suitably testing is a key part of returning to physical activity after an injury. You should look to introduce targets that can be achieved on a weekly basis for example and you can alter this over time as you begin to get stronger and fitter.

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Image Credit: cat with injured eye.

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