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Types of Stress and How to Overcome It


types-of-stressEveryone has to deal with stress at some point in their lives. Having stress is sometimes a good thing,  but like anything else, too much stress is unhealthy both emotionally and physically. Eliminating stress altogether is not always an option. However, if you know how to manage and reduce your stress, you can live a happier and healthier life. There are several different types of stress, as well as several ways to deal with and reduce stress.

Types of stress

Acute Stress

The most common type of stress is called acute stress. In small amounts, acute stress is not necessarily a bad thing; it can make things more fun and exciting. However, too much acute stress can wear out your body and your mind. Since this form of stress is  only a short term stress, it cannot cause any lasting harm to you.

Some of the signs to watch out for are anger, irritability, depression, headaches, back pain, stomach problems, and elevated blood pressure. If you suffer from this form of stress, it is ok because this form of stress is easily managed.

Episodic Acute Stress

Episodic acute stress occurs in people who suffer from acute stress on a regular basis. There are two different categories to this form of stress. The first category is for the people who are always rushing around, are abrupt, and sometimes even hostile. These people may be taking on too many things at once and feel the daily strain. The second category are for the people we commonly refer to as “worry warts”. These people are very pessimistic and see bad things about to happen everywhere they look.

Some of the signs and symptoms of episodic acute stress are ongoing tension headaches, migraines, chest pain, and sometimes heart disease. If you have this type of stress you can be helped. However, it may take a few months of working with a professional on several different levels before you are relieved of it.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is the most severe type of stress. People who suffer from this form of stress will feel drained and wore out day in and day out, year after year. Those who suffer from this type of stress often cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Chronic stress can destroy both your body and your mind and sometimes stems from a traumatic childhood experience. People with chronic stress often get use to feeling that way. This is not good because many times chronic stress can lead to suicide, violence, heart attacks, strokes, and sometimes even cancer. This form of stress is the hardest to treat and can require extensive behavioral treatment and stress management, along with medication.

Ways to deal with and treat your stress

Vitamin supplements are one way to help manage and treat your stress. There are some vitamin supplements that, in the clinical trials, seemed to help reduce stress. The most common of these vitamins are St John’s Wart, Kava Kava, and SAM-e. These may not work for everyone, but if it does work for you it is a nice alternative to medications.

  • Behavioral therapy is another way to deal with and treat your stress. Through behavioral therapy you can learn how to calm both your body and your mind. It can also help you break the disruptive behaviors that causing and resulting from stress.
  • Cognitive therapy can help you understand how certain thought patterns can contribute to your stress. Fixing the cognitive thought patterns in your life can reduce your worry and anxieties.
  • Literary therapy uses books and articles to help you learn more about stress and how to manage it. This can help you to understand exactly all that is going on inside your head, and what your stress triggers are.
  • Talk therapy encourages you to heal through talking with friends and family. Sometimes talking it out can lift a lot of weight off of your shoulders and can give you some sense of relief. You should never be ashamed to talk about your feelings.

Stress can happen to anyone and it is not something you should be ashamed of. Just learn when to recognize that you are stressed and get help  so that you can live a full and happy life.

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