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Turn Your Home Into A Bite-Size Gym And Never Miss A Session Again


When was the last time you could be bothered going to the gym? It’s a great place if you have lots of free time, but when you work long hours and have a family to look after you can’t just drop everything to exercise. You will begin to regret it as you get older. Eventually the years will catch up with you. It’s important to stay healthy and look after your body. Take a look around at all that empty space in your house. Do you know what you should do with it?

Why don’t you turn your home into your own personal gym? Now you will never need to worry about missing a gym session again. You will already be right beside all your equipment. You don’t need to have the same kind of machines you’d need in a commercial gym. No way. You could have as little equipment as you want. None if you want to stick to bodyweight exercises. Here’s some little tips for kitting out your home with gym equipment in the most convenient way.

Hang a chin-up bar from your doorframe

My Nemesis, the Chin-Up Bar

Back in the old days it would be completely unheard of for the majority of people to hang a chin-up bar from their doorframe. It would have meant drilling holes in the frame and putting big screws in the wall. People didn’t want to wreck their home. But these days you don’t have to worry about that. There’s special equipment that you can attach to the frame without having to use any screws. And once it’s done you can take it off and put it somewhere for storage. It should be the first thing you look at.

Throw gymnastic rings over a tree branch

Ring Gymnast Gymnastic Rings

If you have any trees in the garden you’ll need to pick one that has a nice thick branch sticking out. Preferably one that won’t snap when you’re hanging upside down. If you find one that can be used, all you need to do is get a pair of gymnastic rings and hang them over the branch. Now you can get to work for the next Olympics. If you don’t have a tree that’s suitable you could maybe hang them over a beam in the basement.

Keep a foldaway rower close to the TV

That’s everyone’s dream: doing some exercise while you watch TV. You will find some nice little rowing machines that can fold away and you can keep them anywhere around the house. When you want to exercise you can lay it in front of the TV and get to work. I’m sure you could listen to music instead if there wasn’t any good programs on. A quick workout could be squeezed in while you wait for the food to come out the oven. There’s no excuses for not exercising now.

Lay some flooring in your attic

Dragon Fly Arm Balance

I bet you have hundreds of stuff in the attic that you’ll never use again. For some reason we seem to be hoarders and love nothing more that to save everything we buy. Throw it all away. You will feel better for it. Then you can get someone in to lay some flooring and you now have a huge space to do whatever you want. It would be the perfect place to lay some mats and do a bit of yoga. If the attic roof is big enough you could probably fit in some bigger equipment, too.

Buy a multi-gym for your basement

Do you know what a multi-gym is? It’s one of those big things where you can do anything. That means you need some space. It’s not like you can have some massive piece of equipment taking over your living room. That’s why the basement makes the perfect place to keep it. You probably keep as much crap in there as you do in the attic. There should be plenty room for a multi-gym. If you don’t have a basement you possibly have a garage? Throw the car outside, but not literally until you warm up.

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