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Try the Mediterranean Diet for a New You


mediterranean-dietHave you ever dreamed of a diet that you would love to eat and also make you feel and look good? Well all women deserve such treatment. Many of the weight loss, fitness diets and all those ‘miracle’ plans may not give you a rewarding and fulfilling experience. That is why you should try the Mediterranean diet, to make you feel good and look good.

The Mediterranean diet isn’t just a mere diet plan. It’s a lifestyle. You have to embrace it and make it a part of your life. Known as the healthiest and safest diet in the world today, the med diet is for exquisite women like you. In fact, those who are adopting this diet plan have approximately 80% better life quality and about 70% life expectancy. Also, it is a way to prevent diseases like stroke, heart attacks and metabolic disorders. It has also been seen as prevention for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, lung diseases and asthma.

What exactly are the food items in a Mediterranean diet?

The range of foods included in this diet are fresh fruits and green leafy veggies, an emphasis on virgin olive oil, legumes, an average intake of saturated fats and meat, oily fish, nuts, dairy products including eggs, and non-refined carbohydrates. Well these foods may not be a lot, but they are basically prepared differently and in different recipes to suit your exquisite tastes and needs.

For those who want to increase their weight, make sure you are taking in more calories than your body needs and for those who are trying to lose weight, pick those foods that are calorie friendly. Engaging in this type of diet plan is a way to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. If you are used to smoking, you have to stop or smoke in moderation. Take in consideration that you will also learn to discipline yourself in order to obtain the body that you want.

You must know the things to avoid, including foods and activities and choose what you buy wisely. Pick on those products that have 0% Trans fats but be aware that 0% does not actually means nothing; they still include a small portion, and they are found basically in meat and other products. Trans fat are responsible in increasing the bad cholesterols in your body and hindering the good cholesterol.

Med diet does not only lead you to a very healthy lifestyle but it can also help you be aware of the things you consume. It gives you knowledge on what products can cause harm to your body and what you can do to avoid it. And on top of it all, one can prepare them in a delicious treat that would definitely make you feel good, but also look good.

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