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Treating Your Child’s Sore Throat and Keeping Your Sanity


You never want your kids to be in discomfort or pain. Sore throats are just one of those childhood ailments you need to be ready to deal with.

Make no mistake, a sore throat can mean very bad news for a young child’s health. If left unchecked, viral infections can cause immense pain for both your child and you as well. Just as often, however, minor throat pains can add up to be much more than minor pains in the life of the parent as well.

One of the first things a diligent parent will want to do is attempt to get a clear understanding of how big a challenge is happening when the child complains of pain. Did they just consume an extremely cold beverage? Perhaps they made a trip to the ice cream truck and downed their Popsicle in hasty manner.

Cold can have deleterious effects on your children’s mouth and throat, but there are usually no long lasting concerns. Simply let them thaw out a bit, and, of course, use the opportunity as a teaching lesson about consuming foods too fast.

Once you have determined there is a legitimate concern the next step is to figure out the best way to provide relief. Children are notorious for not accepting adult wisdom when it comes to treatment for what ails them. If you are facing a young one that is likely to be a problem, you’ll want to creative in approaching the solution right for them.

Pretty much anything they have to have sprayed in their mouth and throat is not going to be well received by the youngster. It can help if you participate with them instead of taking the “do what I say, not what I do” stand. Kids pretty much never like that approach for much of anything.

Assuming you’ve not already made a visit to your pediatrician and had some sort of child medication prescribed, you may want to administer some over the counter options yourself. There are a number of consumer medications which are specifically developed for the young pallet of a child. Whether they are sweet syrups or chewable pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, if you can get them to take a dose, you’ll find their pain symptoms will begin to cease.

Often, however it is those very topical approaches which will provide your ailing child immediate relief. Depending upon the child’s age, getting them to drink something cool can provide them with considerable help in dealing with the discomfort. If the child is very young, and still willing to drink from a bottle, use that. The slow delivery of fluid from the bottle’s nipple will provide a therapeutic spray over much of the afflicted region in their throat. Additionally, long slow consumption can wash away the discharge often generated by infection in a sore region.

If you only allow candies to your kids on special occasions, this might be one of the exceptions. Providing you’re not concerned with a child attempting to swallow a lozenge or other hard candy, the mouth’s salivation will provide natural moisture they need to keep their throats coated. Older children can use medicated lozenges to have double the good effects.

Finally, another way you can provide caring help to your child without pulling your hair out trying to get something down their gullets is to set up a humidifier in their sleeping area. Make sure they are actually breathing in the warm, moist air, and when they awake, many of their symptoms will have diminished without you increasing your number of gray hairs.

Vern Marker is a freelance writer who enjoys writing and giving helpful tips about health related topics, but ultimately recommends you see your child’s pediatrician for his or her health care needs.

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