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  • on 31.05.2011
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Top 5 Best Strength Training Exercise Equipment to Own


Many people have a home gym or home fitness center, enabling them to perform their workout regime at their leisure. Everyone has different styles of how they work out and exercise.

Some enjoy cardio routines to burn fat calories while others enjoy weight lifting to build muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories you are able to burn throughout your normal daily routine.

For those that do exercise in the convenience of their own home and concentrate on building both size and strength, there are five best strength training exercise equipment you will want to own. Most can be used fitness equipment to cut back on expenses. This equipment includes dumbbells, lat machine, leg press, smith machine and a weight bench.


Dumbbells are an absolute must for anyone looking to do build strength. You can purchase a complete set of dumbbells and organize your home gym in an efficient manner. The great advantages of dumbbells are that they provide a greater range of motion to most machines. When using dumbbells, you can choose the weight needed for beginners and work your way up to advanced weights, working each arm at its full intensity. These weights are also very diverse in the movements. You can perform several exercises working on your bicep, triceps, shoulders and back.

Lat Machine

A lat machine is also referred to as a lat pull-down machine, implying that you are to perform a lat pull-down, working your latissimus dorsi. There can be several different variations to performing this exercise, while the machine itself uses a cable connecting to the amount of weight targeted for lifting. The areas of concentration include both your elbows and shoulders. If pulling down correctly, you should also experience minor strength in your biceps and back muscles.

Leg Press

Leg press machines enable you to perform working out your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts and calves. This machine enables you to push weight upwards and out from your body, using your legs only. The more you use this machine, you will gain muscle and help fight again a more common disease known as arthritis, strengthening the muscles around your bones.

Squat Machine

This machine, also known as the Smith Machine, is comprised of a barbell fixated to slide along two vertical steel rails. It allows you to target both your quads and gluts for added strength. To perform, you simply lay the weight bar behind your neck, resting on your shoulders with a firm grip on the bar above your shoulders. You will start to lower down in a squat position while slowly lifting back up and repeating. The machine provides a smooth and controlled motion for greater muscle concentration.

Weight Bench

A weight bench is a necessity as it provides added support for strong weight lifters. You can use free weights here to help support your back and perform several different exercise variations. The bench can also be adjusted at a 45 degree angle while performing exercises that work your abs.

For a safe home fitness gym, you will also want to consider laying down rubber flooring mats to help on your knees and joints as well as to absorb the shock of weights falling to the floor.

Lorna Horne is a freelance blogger and fitness expert who blogs about designing discount home gyms on a budget.

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