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Top 3 Ways To Experience Deep Relaxation On A Budget


What is relaxing to some may not be relaxing to others. Knowing what makes you relaxed can help you find time to do it more. Getting to sleep can be a chore for at times. Especially when you are so tense that your mind refuses to shut down.

Your muscles are so tight that you toss and turn for hours, just trying to get into a comfortable position. If relaxation is what you need here are five ways to get to sleep faster and you do not have to buy a lot of expensive books, tapes or a CD series to do it.

  1. You can find inexpensive ways to relax by enjoying a cup of herbal tea. You don not have to spend a fortune on those expensive teas you can get some great herbal teas at the supermarket. Several companies make blends especially for before bedtime relaxation. Shut off all the outside stimulation. The TV, Radio and anything else that could possible grate your nerve like the cell phone. Find a cozy spot grab your tea and sit back to allow yourself to slowly release the cares of the day.
  2. You can practice relaxation techniques. This sounds simple but not everyone knows how to get the body to relax. This is also a learned behavior and can be controlled. Here are several easy steps to help you practice relaxation on a daily basis:
    • Use visualization techniques to elicit a relaxation response. Think on a time when you were totally relaxed. Now go there in your mind and relive the experience.
    • Slow your breathing, breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth slowly exhaling the breaths. You can gradually breathe slower and slower. All the while keeping the relaxing picture in your mind.
    • You may now start to visualize the muscles in your body relaxing one by one. Starting at the top and working your way to your toes. Tense the muscle and then feel it as you release the tension. Do not force the release just let it ease naturally
  3. Instead of buying one of those expensive sound machines you could purchase a small indoor feng shui fountain. They have them that will fit neatly onto a small table in the corner of the bedroom or even on the nightstand. The soothing sounds of the water cascading over the rocks will soon have you in lullaby land. The moisture this action release into the air will make breathing easier too.

So, if you consider it, it is pretty easy to relax on a budget.  You don’t need to have an expensive spa treatment, nor, a pricey Hawaiian vacation for experience deeply relaxing moments.  It’s just a breath away…

Amy C. is enjoys writing about relaxation and spirituality.  Her expertise is in designing home decor elements for indoor spaces that create calming and relaxing atmosphere.  Amy invites you to browse her personal collection of feng shui fountains.  To read more about relaxing and spiritual home decor, please visit Amy’s Water Fountains Blog.

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