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Top 3 Secrets For Burning Belly Fat


Belly fat is, just as it sounds, a layer of accumulated fat that resides above the abdominal muscles. While no area of fat can be targeted specifically and exclusively for elimination, the following tips will help anyone to burn fat, lose weight  and have a more defined, less amorphous abdominal region.

Tip One: Sleeping Enough, Maintaining Rhythms

The biggest “secret” to losing fat and being an overall more healthy individual is in allowing your body to enter and maintain the natural cycles it was intended to. The most important of these cycles is the circadian rhythm, a cycle controlled by the brain and external factors such as light and temperature. When the body is deprived of sleep or some other necessary function, the circadian rhythm is disturbed. As this rhythm is also crucial in controlling appetite and the desire to eat, one can easily start eating more unnecessary meals and gaining fat as a result. Working to maintain a healthy cycle of sleep, activity, and eating is crucial to lowering overall body fat.

Tip Two: More Exercise, More Frequently

Of course, no instructional on losing fat would be complete without exercise. There is simply no alternative to it: exercise consumes energy from the body, energy stored in fat cells. Contrary to popular belief, when fat is “burned” fat cells do not disappear, rather they become smaller and return to their pre-oversized state. As far as exercise goes – more frequent exercise is more beneficial and effective in burning fat then a simple once-daily set of exercise would be. Walking throughout the day, doing crunch during a free moment of time: the key to getting the most out of the activity you do perform is to do it often.

Tip Three: Eating The “Right” Things

When trying to lose weight and burn fat, avoid “empty calories” such as sugary snacks and candy. Sugar should not be eaten in excess. Instead, satisfy your cravings with proteins and, surprisingly, fats. As it takes fat to burn fat, fats should by no means be completely avoided. Additionally, vitamin C intake should be monitored to ensure that you are consuming enough of it as it is a vital component necessary for the body to be able to convert fat cells into energy expended during exercise. Again, the formula for weight loss and burning fat is simple: calories consumed – calories needed to sustain fat. If you eat less than is necessary to maintain your current level of body fat, the fat will begin to burn itself. Of course, this is a much more effective and faster process when combined with exercise.

Tip Four: Relaxation and Control Of Stress

Another commonly overlooked element that can frequently lead to weight gain is stress. While it is no secret that stress affects the body in many ways, the specifics of these effects remain a mystery to far too many people. Stress has similar effects on the natural rhythms and cycles of the body as sleep deprivation does. Stress can cloud one’s mind and lead to overeating and a general sense of weariness which, in turn, frequently leads to the omission of exercise from an individual’s daily routine. While the causes of stress are unfortunately quite unavoidable, their effects can be controlled to an extent. If you find yourself flustered and anxious throughout the day, ensure that you take deep breaths and think rationally about how to overcome the stressors that are making you feel so uncollected.

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