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  • on 27.07.2011
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Three Easy Tips That Will Save you Hundreds of Pounds on Cosmetics


Are you trying to make cutbacks and save money? If the answer’s no then you either a recent lotto winner or just extremely naive. In the current economic climate, we would all do well to save the pennies wherever we can. Some of you might have already cut out luxuries and may be in the process of trimming up in essential areas like your food bills.

One commodity group that while extremely expensive, is absolutely essential no matter what your financial situation, is cosmetics. Every year we spend millions on soaps, shower gel, shampoo, shaving gel, deodorant and talc. I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the most expensive cosmetics items in the chemist are replacement razor blades, on average these cost over £5 for a set of four and don’t exactly have a long lifespan. This brings me neatly onto my first tip;

Tip #1 Blast Your Blades

Do you throw out a lot of razor blades? You do?! I’ll bet it’s not because they’re blunt, after all your soft(ish) skin is no match for a tungsten blade, nope, I bet you’re your blades get clogged with hair, just like mine, rendering them useless.

Luckily, while flossing, I found a great way to get this accumulated bum fluff free so you can reuse your blades. An Oral Irrigator sounds painful, but it’s actually a simple high pressure hand held water jet used to clear plaque from between the teeth (more on this in a second). This is also a great tool for purging errant hair caught between the blades, meaning they’ll never be clogged again!

Tip #2 Irrigate

Don’t worry, I’m still talking about the oral variety, go ahead and purchase one of the devices I mentioned above and you’’ never need to buy floss again. An oral irrigator is a large initial outlay but the amount you’ll save on floss will add up in the long run.

Irrigators are also much quicker than flossing, saving you time, and some argue, more effective. This means less terrifying trips to the dentist and less extortionate bills. A no brainer.

Tip #3 Soap Up

How long does your pricey, herbal, moisturizing shower gel last? Not very long I bet. It’s very easy to over estimate the amount of shower gel you, especially when its contained in a squeezy bottle, squeeze a little hard and you’ve dispensed twice as much as you need to. That’s money down the drain – literally.

Instead, go old-skool and invest in a bar of soap. If you think multiple people using one bar is unhygienic, buy one bar for each person you live with, the savings will still be significant. With soap bars, you only use as much as you need, meaning no waste, and lower costs. Just don’t get your soap from Lush!

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