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Things You Need Your Breath For


The ability to tailor your breathing to your activity and surrounding is a technique which can seriously improve your lifestyle and energy levels. Many people don’t give much thought to breathing – it’s something we take for granted and something we tend to do without really trying. However if we breathe in the wrong way when participating in different kinds of activities – it can actually have a negative effect on our bodies and can make us less energetic.

There are different situations when you should try and alter (or monitor) your breathing though, such as exercise (especially when jogging, running or swimming), singing, stressful situations and even while you’re sat at your desk at work.

What to remember when running or jogging

When you are running or jogging, you are pushing your body and your lungs to maximum effort levels – so it is more important than ever to correct your breathing technique. If you’re breathing in the wrong way during intense exercise then your stamina levels can be hugely affected –without proper breathing there is not enough oxygen getting around to power your body. Try creating a pattern for your breathing (it might help to pick a foot, and try to always breathe in when pacing with that side of your body). By creating a pattern, you’ll concentrate your bodies attempts at breathing correctly. Many joggers also claim that simply breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth at a steady pace can greatly improve endurance.

What to remember when walking

If you’re a walker (not a runner) then the important thing to remember is deep breaths. Breathing deeply and fully when walking will keen you feeling fresh and keep you in rhythm with your steps. Don’t try and make your breathing more rapid than it needs to be when walking, as this will lead to shortness of breath and stitches.

What to remember when singing

If you love your singing, then you’ll already know how important breathing is for this activity. Incorrect breathing can actually ruin your vocal techniques – so it’s great you’ve decided to research into how to do it properly. An important part of breathing technique when singing is not rushing – let yourself take a breath if you need to, as it will let you carry a note further. If you rush your body into breathing you are more likely to stumble on your words as you try to catch your breath again.

What to remember when working

When you’re sat at a desk all day it can be easy to forget about breathing technique or even care about it. You might be surprised to learn though that breathing properly during work can actually increase your productivity – as the more oxygen that gets to your brain, the harder you’ll be working. The important thing to remember here is posture – good posture at your desk is the key. You can purchase great back support cushions which promise to improve your posture immediately, and you’ll find once your posture is corrected your breathing will come naturally.

What to remember when sleeping

If you’re not a good sleeper and you find that your breathing seems to go downhill come bedtime, then you might want to try a different sleeping position. Sometimes the position we sleep in can negatively affect our breathing patterns, because e get used to breathing in a particular way – by switching your position you are allowing your body the chance to change. Other options are ventilation methods – which are available from your doctors or local pharmacy. Trying yoga before you sleep, or doing half an hour of meditation can also help as it stables and calms your body.

This article was written by Cancer Research – read their large information resource including lung cancer advice and more.

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