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  • on 18.08.2012
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There is No ‘Truth’ In Fitness


I spend quite a lot of my time browsing around fitness forums. Technically it’s procrastinating and I’m really under no illusions of this fact. However it’s a productive form of procrastinating because I genuinely tend to learn a lot from it and I find some interesting topics to write about too.

One of the things I’ve been noticing lately though is how sure people are of their opinion. True, this varies from community to community, and sure it’s something that you should really come to expect when the internet is concerned. However it’s also something that can be a little bit frustrating seeing as in many cases the people in question aren’t right. Let that be the first thing you take away from this article – not to read everything you read and certainly not what you read on forums.

How Do I Know They’re Not Right?

Okay so I’m not saying they’re never right, and I’m certainly not saying that I am necessarily right. The point is that no one is really right. People often go on forums because they want to show off their knowledge, feel smart and look good – but often they just come across as arrogant and socially inept. When they fail to listen to other points of view or consider them, they expose their real ignorance.

The point is that even if someone has years of experience as a bodybuilder, has been a doctor, has a degree in biology and is currently in the best shape in the world they still can’t say definitively that their point of view on fitness is correct.

The first reason for this is that things are always changing and we are always discovering new things. What we were sure about ten years ago we now know to be wrong, and it makes sense to assume that what we know to be true now will transpire to be wrong as well in the next ten years. These people who think they know everything are ignoring the fact that even the greatest scientific minds on the planet admit to not knowing anything for certain – that is the real point of science after all. It’s like the black swan analogy in science.

Likewise you need to take into account that everyone is different and so you can’t say that any one training method is going to work the best. Some people’s bodies will react more to some forms of training than others, and likewise some people will be more prone to particular injuries. Likewise the goals of every person vary so much that you can’t give the same advice to two different people. Someone trying to burn fat would need to train entirely differently to someone who wanted to build thick muscle.

I recently read a post that claimed it told people the only effective way to train – claiming that there was a set routine that would work for everyone. The reality is though of course that no such exercise routine exists so it’s important to keep reading, to keep learning, to experiment with your own routines and most importantly to listen to your own body and use your own common sense.

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