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  • on 03.11.2011
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The Truth About Raw Bee Pollen


When it comes to natural food supplements, there is nothing like raw bee pollen to help boost your overall health and well-being.  But what makes raw been pollen so wonderful?

And can raw bee pollen benefits really make you feel better?

What is Raw Bee Pollen?

It is quite amazing, actually, that a tiny creature like the honeybee has come up with such a perfect and useful natural food supplement.  The United States Department of Agriculture calls bee pollen a ‘perfect’ food, and it is a title that has been handed down over millennia.  There is evidence that the pharaohs stored pollen in their tombs so that they could eat the ‘food of the gods’ on their way to the underworld.   In ancient Greece raw bee pollen was called “the life giving dust” and thought to be something that only the Gods could eat.

All of the ancient cultures used bee pollen, from the Chinese to the American Indians.  It was revered; respected; used to treat any number of ailments and to injuries.  It was used in beauty products and in potions for sexual stimulation.  It was added to delicious Persian recopies and was considered to be a ‘food of seduction’ and a food that would ‘open you to knowledge.’

The Perfect Food

There are some would laugh at the idea of being able to live on bee pollen alone, but it has everything needed to keep a person alive; all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that you would need to keep going, all in just a tablespoon of raw bee pollen.  In fact, if you had bee pollen and water, you could survive indefinitely.

How Bee Pollen is Made & Its Benefits

Raw bee pollen is what is collected by the bees when they go out pollen hunting and come back with their day’s gathering.  By adding a bit of honey to the pollen that they collect, they turn it into bee pollen which is easily transported back to the hive.  This bee pollen (also called bee bread) is what is used to feed the larvae as they grow.

Ingesting raw bee pollen is reported to help with evening out one’s metabolism, rejuvenating the body, boosting one’s energy, fighting allergies (possibly even cancer) helps to relieve digestive disorders, help to feed your brain and nervous system for optimum performance and even extends your life span.  It is even suggested that it can accelerate human growth and can work as an antibiotic.  Better yet, not only does pollen self-digest, it also helps you to digest the rest of your foods and helps those foods to get where they need to go in your body.

Something as simple as adding a little raw bee pollen to your diet can help you to boost your immune system and even reverse the signs of aging and the effects of too much alcohol or drugs on your system; it can also help to reduce cravings greatly enhancing your attempts at weight loss.  It’s even supposed to be able to correct your body chemistry.

In short, this miracle food, this raw bee pollen produced by the honeybee can provide an entire spectrum of health benefits; health benefits that can change your life.

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