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  • on 09.05.2011
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The Secret Diet You’ve Never Heard of


When someone hears about an alkaline diet, the first thoughts that might come to the average person’s head are confusion, curiosity, or skepticism.

One reason for this reaction is because of the lack of knowledge society has about how this diet or way of eating works. Understanding the workings of an alkaline diet are vital to the diet working. Lets start with the basics.

Whatever food you put into your mouth has an effect on the body, and this effect is caused by the mineral content of the food you are eating. Some foods have an alkaline effect and others have an acidifying effect.

Whether the food is alkaline or acidic determines your body’s PH. Too much acidic food creates an unbalanced and unhealthy PH, which in turn leads to weight gain and poor health. This is the problem that many Americans struggle with. Alcohol, trans fats, sweets, meats, dairy, soda, pizza, white breads, processed foods and refined foods all have an acidic effect on the body. As it turns out, these are the foods that many Americans not only eat daily, but eat exclusively, hence the obvious health and weight problem in this country.

This is where the alkaline diet comes in. If for an extended period of time you turn your diet from acid based to alkaline, you will see unbelievably positive effects on your body. Because the average person is so wildly unbalanced due to an acid diet, the body will welcome the joys of an alkaline diet. How does your body’s ph become more balanced, and how does your health improve? By eating alkaline foods such as salads, greens, alkaline vegetables, nuts, seeds, and water rich foods. Turning your diet into a “green” diet will not only yield more energy and vitality, but it will also result in WEIGHT LOSS.

The reason the body sheds weight during an alkaline diet is because the body is getting rid of the built up chemicals and acids it has stored. It’s literally flushing itself out of unwanted elements. The keys to the alkaline diet are staying away from meats, dairy, processed foods and fast foods, and replacing those foods with salads, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and most importantly, a lot of water. Staying hydrated helps the process of flushing your body of unwanted chemicals. Use the alkaline diet, become healthy, lose weight!

Ren Nielsen is a writer and researcher for Proalkaline, the prime source of PH Diet and alkaline diet information and news.

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