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The Many Benefits of Red Wine


There are a lot of different types of wine available today but the one that is most popular is the red wine. Red wine is made by fermenting different types of grapes, which is known to have a lot of health benefits.

As early as 3150 BC, red wine has been used to cure infectious wounds and fever. After many research, experts believed that if taken in moderation (five ounces for women and ten ounces for men), it could provide a number of health benefits like:

1. Improves cardiovascular health. Since red wine is made from grape extracts which is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids, including red wine as part of your diet can help avoid blockage in the lymph and blood vessels in the heart, making the veins in the heart strong. This can lead to increase in HDL levels which is the good cholesterol and reduces the LDL levels of the bad cholesterol which can help prevent cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and the like.

2. Prevents diseases. Red wine is rich in antioxidants coming from the grape extract, which fights the free radicals in our body. This can help repair damaged cell which can lead to prevention of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, diabetes and more.

3. Anti-aging. Resveratrol can be found in the skin and seeds of grapes, which has ant aging properties, which can help maintain a youthful look.

4. Improve immune system. The vitamins and minerals found in grapes, where the red wine is made of, can help make our cells and tissues stronger leading to a boost in our immune system. This can help prevent common cough and colds as well as other viral diseases.

5. Aids in weight loss. Red wine can help burn calories faster and can therefore aid a person in losing weight.

A wine goes well with any meal or dessert and it can help an individual enhance their appetite. That is why red wine is a common staple for most households in the United States. But aside from this, red wine offers a lot of health benefits when taken in right amount, that it can be a part of one’s healthy daily diet.

Drink to your health responsibly so you can enjoy the great taste of red wine plus the numerous health benefits that goes with it.

Author’s Bio: Abie is a health blogger and also works as an article writer. She discusses in her blog, issues such as the many health benefits of red wine. Read more about it and learn how you can reap these benefits while enjoying your wine and wine glasses in your free standing wine glass racks.

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