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  • on 22.07.2011
  • at 07:42 AM
  • by Jessy Troy

The Importance of Keeping Our Body Tension-Free


I have heard from Barry Long, a very clear-headed Australian spiritual master, that tension is the past in us not faced-up to.

In a way, I like hearing this statement as it gives me a reason for this unwelcome manifestation and, therefore a direction, it puts me in charge of my life, I stop being a victim as I now have a choice.

Yes, it gives me the choice to ask myself the right questions, some of which could be:

  1. What unpleasant event have I put out of my mind, not wanting to think of it any more, considering it too painful, but which is still nevertheless affecting me?
  2. What incident have I not fully ‘digested’?
  3. What communication have I not made with someone that I should have and which is now creating some uneasiness in me, residing in some part of my body?
  4. How did I react when a person betrayed me?

Of course, one has to agree on the meaning of ‘psychosomatic’.

To me, the term means that our response to a certain incident or a situation, first located in a part of our brain, has since manifested itself in some way in a part of the body, in effect had to find some lodging in some part of the body in order to be faced up to.

I find this idea just amazing in fact.

In order for us to be able to clear our wonderful brain from the accumulated emotional shadows of the past and lift that weight off it, an inner mechanism has been put in place (don’t ask me how, but ‘psychosomatic’ is the name of this process), it has found its way into our body – well, not such a long way to go really, the brain is part of our physical body! – so that we could not escape that unresolved conflict, that ‘unfinished business’.

Although some people do, or should I say, sometimes we just do not want to face whatever we really need to.

But let’s face it (pardon the pun!) when pain occurs in the body, we do start taking notice!

Would this mean that every pain and illness including every dis-ease is a manifestation of an un-ease in the psyche or some unresolved emotional issue? Well, these days it is said that stress is prime cause of many if not most illnesses.

I once went to a conference held by a French doctor whose work was very much influenced by the work of the German doctor Hamer.

This doctor’s theory and the way he worked was based on the body/mind understanding I’ve just outlined.

Through cases where he’d been involved, the French doctor demonstrated how a cancer can appear in the body and yet when the person affected by it could retrace a key traumatic event, get to accept what had happened, come to terms with the outcome of the situation and – hold on! – was able to Be Happy in spite of it having happened, the physical manifestation of cancer just disappeared, the process was reversed, ie the body was cleared of the illness as a result of the clear mental and emotional understanding of the situation.

In order to break the vicious circle of stress/tension and ensuing illness, we’ve got a choice: to face the un-ease in our life.

How can we face it?

By starting to keep our body/mind clear of stress and tension. This can be done by STARTING to use very easy psycho-physical exercises!

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