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  • on 05.07.2010
  • at 03:27 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

The Fashion Called Flashing


fashionThe anticipated fashion trend that would allow to flash boobs rather than to have them slip out!

Have you ever considered adopting a fashion statement that allows you to flash certain parts of your body? And by certain parts, I mean your precious, scared single boob? Surprised?

Well don’t be! Rumors are that the contemporary fashion scene would welcome dresses with partially nudity. Well, after all, we had all kinds of freedoms; freedom in speech, freedom in thoughts.

Don’t you think it is high time to have freedom in clothes and that too, left to the designer’s imagination?

Before we go further into this debate, lets unfold the origin of the flashing dresses.  The first flashing dress was first seen on the ramp in March 19, 2009, when a model appeared on the catwalk wearing a white dress. The dress covered only one breast with the other popping out. Although the model put up an effort of covering her asset with her hand; the appearance left the guests and critics with eyes wide open. Later on, a similar dress was seen in another fashion show, making waves of controversies.

The designer of the first-ever flashing dress, Kimya Glasgow gave a statement that she didn’t intend to design a vulgar dress.  What appeared to a be trendy white dress, turned into a flashy, eye-candy, simply because its undergarment could not reach the model before the show started. So, the model made use of her hand and appeared on the catwalk without the undergarment. Well, goes to show that the model is well aware of line “less is more” and its significance in the crazy, glittering, fashion world.

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