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The Fake Tan Nightmare – Top 5 Tips To Make It Look Great!


I’m sure you all heard about the risks you are exposing yourself to with each tanning bed session. In addition, “thanks” to the solar storms this year, the UV rays are too high to even consider getting a natural tan at the pool or at the beach. Well, that only leaves room for the one solution we all hate: fake tans.

While fake tanning is the safest way to go this summer, your worst nightmare is that it will start dripping at totally inappropriate moments. I’m also pretty convinced you are worried about the poor results that look anything but natural. However, you don’t have to worry, as there are several ways you can hide it. Here is a list of my 5 best suggestions.

1. Choose the right product

The number one secret of making a fake tan look natural is to choose a product suitable for your skin. What I’m saying is that you should not buy a tanning product just because it is advertised intensely on the TV or a magazine. Instead, choose one with a formulation that makes it easier to apply and that your skin agrees with best. And, believe me you have dozens of formulations to choose from these days, from creams, sprays, gels and mousses to foams and airbrush. On a side note, it does not hurt to ask your dermatologist for his opinion on this one. 

2. Identify the best application method

Different formulations mean distinct application methods and results. The products available at beauty shops nowadays permit you to get an instant tan by simply spraying it onto your skin. This type of products is the most popular and widespread because not only do they allow you to see the results immediately, but you can also notice if you sprayed too much in one area or missed a spot so you can correct it. The only reported issue with these fake tanning solutions is that some products are classified as instant tanners, even though they take a couple of hours to show results.

Another popular type of tanners that are generally preferred by women with more experience on the matter are the ones that develop tans. However, they are not recommended for beginners, since the lack of experience in applying them will usually leave you hoping for the best. Nonetheless, they are great for women who are intimidated by an instant tan and, probably best of all, it will be your little secret.

3. Prepare your skin properly

Many women don’t realize it, but obtaining amazing results from fake tanners is usually a matter of properly preparing your skin. Because the tanners will turn darker and look unnatural on dry patches, the first thing you need to do is to exfoliate your skin. Regardless of whether you exfoliate the skin at a spa or at home, the important thing to remember is that you must pay attention to the areas prone to drying, such as the ankles, knees, elbows or the underarms.

Exfoliating will ensure an even application of the tanner, but it’s not the only thing you must do for a natural looking tan. The trick to a long-lasting fake tan is to shave and moisturize the skin prior to the application. If you shave after you applied the tanner, chances are that you will remove it along with the unwanted hair. At the same time, if you want to use an instant tanner or one that acts over night, then it is a good idea to brush your teeth before the application. Otherwise, you risk removing the tanner from the face or create white spots, which are rather difficult to correct.

4. Moisturizers are a gal’s (or guy’s) best friend

If you want your tan to last for a very long time, then you must make a habit of applying moisturizer on your skin on a regular basis. I recommend that you look for shower gels and care products that are especially formulated for fake tans, since some beauty products may contain ingredients that remove the tan.

5. Don’t overdo it!

While I’m sure you are very happy with your tan and look absolutely gorgeous wearing those fancy summer dresses, you need to use it in moderation. What I mean is that you can’t just keep applying the product daily because you will get that terrible, cheap orange tan that everyone is ridiculing on the internet. In addition, if you made a mistake, use a specialized fake tan corrector and don’t reapply as you will never attain a consistent appearance.

Hi, I’m Chad and I’m a writer for Ethos Spa who enjoys blogging about the health and beauty niche.

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