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  • on 14.04.2012
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  • by Jessy Troy

The 6 Major Health Benefits of the Sauna


Saunas are not only relaxing, but they are physically and psychologically beneficial. While it is commonly thought of as a luxury spa treatment, it is actually very accessible to most people as they can even have a sauna system installed at home. Here are some of the many health benefits of saunas.

1 – Alleviates stress and tension

Sitting in a sauna can be psychologically beneficial because it can alleviate stress and tension. Having time to sit in a heated room can give you time to reflect on the day and meditate. Sometimes it is also psychologically beneficial to socialize with other people who may be sitting in the sauna with you.

2 – Reduces pain and tension in the muscles and joints

Saunas reduce pain and tension in the muscles and joints because the heat causes the blood to circulate to the limbs more freely. The temperature of the room will also cause the body to release endorphins, which are natural painkillers for the body, and reduce the amount of pain in the joints and muscles.

3 – Boosts the immune system

Being in a sauna will help fight off colds and respiratory infections because the air in the room reduces congestion and sinus tension.

4 – Improves the texture skin

The skin experiences a lot of benefits from being in a sauna. Since the sauna will cause the skin to sweat, it will help remove dead skin cells in the process and exfoliate the skin. It will help the skin create new skin cells even faster and it will also flush toxins through the skin. Some studies have shown that the use of a sauna can reduce acne as well as other skin problems.

5 – Reduces insomnia

Sitting in a sauna can have a calming effect on the body and help you go to sleep faster and more easily. Some people will even fall asleep in the sauna because they find it to be so relaxing. Over time the use of a sauna can reduce insomnia as well as other sleeping problems.

6 – Removes toxins from the body

The act of sweating helps the body flush toxins from the body like lead, nickel, and mercury that are absorbed through the environment.

Even if you do not go to a spa regularly you can still gain access to a sauna because you can do it at home. There are home sauna systems that you can have installed in your own bathroom at a relatively low cost. There are so many wonderful benefits from using saunas, so try one for yourself and be amazed at the chances you will see in your body.

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