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  • on 25.03.2011
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The 3 Best Ab Exercises Of All Time


If you’re looking to get six pack abs, knowing what the 3 best ab exercises of all time are will help you accomplish this goal quickly.  When doing your ab workouts you want to focus on instability, total ab engagement, as well as added resistance, so any exercise that accomplish one or more of these objectives will work incredibly well.

That said, let’s take a look at the 3 best ab exercises of all time that you should consider. If you can add these to your usual workout sessions three times per week and then also make sure you’re using a good diet, you will be on track to results.

The Plank

First up on our list of the 3 best ab exercises of all time is the plank movement.  The plank is great because it works the primary six pack ab muscles as well as the obliques and all the muscles running along the spinal column.

There are also plenty of variations you can perform with this movement if it does become too easy for you such as placing the hands up on an exercise ball, raising one leg up off the ground, or lifting one arm off the ground so you’re only balancing on just the single forearm.

All of these variations will cause the muscles to contract even harder, providing you with further benefits.

Weighted Decline Twisting Sit-Ups

Moving on, the second of the great exercises to perform is weighted decline twisting sit-ups.  This movement is effective since it’s going to target the obliques to a large extent, so if you currently have any issues with ‘love handles’ will be one you definitely want to include.

With the added resistance in there and the fact you’re working on a decline, this further increases the challenge.

Hanging Leg Raises

Finally, the last of the 3 best ab exercises of all time are hanging leg raises.  This movement is going to be ideal for targeting the lower ab region, which is where most people do have a problem.

Just be sure when performing this exercise that you keep momentum out of the picture by performing it in a nice and fluid movement pattern.  The minute you start swinging the legs upwards is your indication that you need a short rest before continuing on.

So next time you’re getting ready to hit the gym to do an ab workout, make sure that the above three exercises are a part of your workout routine. Always remember though that you’ll never see fully defined abs unless you get your diet in order because much of getting a six pack is getting to those very low body fat levels where they’ll start to become visible.

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