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Tango for Greater Physical and Mental Health!


tango weight lossTango for greater physical and mental health!

Dancing is not only fun and a great way to socialize, but is a great way for people of all ages to stay in physically fit! Its been one of the main topics of major medical news stations and channels, that social dancing has become a great way to replace the twenty minutes of brisk that doctors have been recommending for years.

Exercise doesn’t have to be utter drudgery! The amount of calories burnt is directly related to what type of dance you are doing. Tango tends to have the largest range, as you can dance very slowly, but also dance in quite a quick movement. Here is a simple list of calories burnt an hour for most social dances:

  • Ballroom/Tango: 180-480
  • Belly dancing: 180-300
  • Jive/swing dance: 250-400
  • Line dancing: up to 300
  • Salsa: 400

I can let you figure out the amount of calories you’ll burn in a week from dancing, and to the average person, they will be able to see the calories burnt are equivilant to time spent jogging or cycling. Some doctors suggest that this is actually better then those activities because these use both your mind and almost your entire body. Dancing will improve your posture, and enhance parts of the legs and feet that regularly don’t get worked (people often find muscles in their feet that they didn’t know existed before).

And naturally, dancing is great for your metabolism and mental well being. Your bones will strengthen, the side-to-side motions of Tango strengthen the tibia, fibula, and femur and also help in the prevention or slow loss of bone mass associated with osteoporosis. This is especially true for employees who spend the entire day at a desk- where they have a greater risk of a slipped disk.

Tango Dancing has been found to be a great stress reliever. It has also been seen as a contributer to high self-esteem and maintaining a positive outlook. This is why dancing is seen as theraputic- and Tango music especially is known to offer a superior form of relaxation, by maintaining beats with out traditional drums it creates a smoother sensation then that which can be gathered from more modern music.

Most major cities have a lot of activities involving dance occurring- I live in Portland Oregon and there is a Portland Tango event every single night. A simple google search will find you activities occurring in your own city. Tango being a social dance, it is seen as a way for people dealing with divorce and depression to connect to the outside world- helping them, get out of the rut there life was currently in. It does this by improving your social outlook by creating strong ties with the people you dance with and improving your feelings of self worth by fostering a community that desires you.

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