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  • on 26.05.2011
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Take Your Exercise Routine Outside


Warmer weather pulls many people outside with smiles and enthusiasm. Higher temperatures and clear ground enables transferring many indoor exercise routines into the great outdoors with minimal changes to basic routines.

Weight Lifting

Not only can you now heft those curl bars outside on the patio and backyard but you can also adapt the muscle-strengthening routine into other exercise modes.

Swimming gives the entire body a workout. Alternate strokes, speed, and duration to concentrate on different parts of the body. Butterfly strokes concentrate on the arms, shoulders, neck and chest. Kick strokes while maintaining a passive upper body exercise legs, feet, gluts and backs. Weight pulls across the bottom of a pool, ensuring the water level is below your shoulders when standing, can develop lower and upper body areas in addition to backs and the abdominal areas, depending on your focus.

Take up mountain climbing and weighted-pack hiking and enjoy the majesty of nature.

Running and Walking

Tired of the treadmill? Take a walk or run distance on running trails and paths. Sidewalks and parks both allow for this movement exercise. If you have a pet, bring Fido along. Understand, however, that the animal’s cardiovascular and muscular systems may not be as developed as yours yet. Allow for lots of rest and water breaks until your pet can ‘go the distance’ with you comfortably.


If you’re fed up with the same TV shows over and over when you ride the stationary or reclining bike, take the two-wheeling activity outside. Many municipalities have bicycle lanes, and smaller highways often allow bicycle traffic. Hit the pavement instead of the program.

Mountain biking can join healthy activity and beautiful vistas while maintaining your exercise routine paradigm.

Running errands on your bike instead of in a car, when return loads aren’t large, grants another triple-advantage exercise venue. You save on fuel, get your errands done and exercise, all at the same time.

Other Activities

Roller skating is a fantastic exercise that is also a lot of fun. Skate with friends, with a pet or by yourself. Work the thighs, calves, gluts and abdominal areas as well as improving your balance and coordination. Standard roller skates or in-line skates strengthen both muscles and joints.

Field or roller hockey combines strength and endurance in a solid cardiovascular workout. Coat the exercise in fun and camaraderie, and you’ll hardly know you’re actually exercising!

Golf can offer not only physical skill improvement, but if you forego the golf cart, you not only concentrate on form with muscle control but also provide yourself a good lower body and moderate cardiovascular workout.

If you work in a multistory building, don’t take the elevator. Use the stairs instead and provide the same exercise you got on the gym’s stair-stepper. Take one session in the gym and concentrate on how many stairs you climb; let the machine track everything else, then take to the corridors and outside buildings. Using stairs joining walkways provides the same exercise as the stair-stepper but adds the bonus of fresh air and great natural scenery.


Use these suggestions or your own and find ways to take your exercise routine into the great outdoors. Enjoy the great weather, reconnect with friends and neighbors and still give yourself a terrific workout.

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