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Yoga Can Be Used As Tool To Fight Addiction 0


savasanaAddiction is difficult, plain and simple. To recover from something that had such a hold on your life for probably years, takes work every single day, and a wide number of tools and skills need to be tried until you figure out what works best for your life in recovery from substances. continue reading »

It’s Never Too Late To Exercise Your Body And Mind 0


It’s never too late to become as fit as possible. As you get older you want to ensure you remain active to help improve your chances of being mobile in the latter stages of your life. Maybe you don’t want to lift heavy weight. You don’t have to. You also don’t have to get up every morning and go for a 5-mile run. If your looking for way to get fit without doing anything too extreme there are lots of ways. continue reading »

Yoga, What’s All The Fuss About? 13


Did you know that Yoga originates as a Hindu spiritual discipline? It uses breath control, simple meditation and bodily postures to aid health and relaxation. Although it is deemed to be somewhat trendy, it can actually provide tangible benefits to us all! continue reading »

How To Relax During The Holiday Season 6


The most inspired gifts take a lot of time and energy for shoppers to find. Between coordinating family schedules and visits, cooking and cleaning, and having kids home for the holidays, stress starts to mount. Give yourself inspired gifts for little or no cost with these five simple ways to relax during the holiday season. continue reading »

Fun Activities that Just Happen to Promote a Healthy Weight 3


fun-weight-lossIt can take a lot of time, energy, funds, and mental anguish to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, those exercise DVDs can get old and walking or running can only go so far toward accommodating your fun-loving personality. Going to the gym or repeating the same neighborhood routes can cause mental fatigue that works against your motivation to lose weight and stay healthy. Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring, so try some of the following ways to have fun with your active lifestyle. continue reading »

Fitness Trends are they Worth the Hype? 1


We all understand how important it is to get fit but there are so many different kinds of programs and classes popping up how do you decide which one to choose?

fitness trends After taking the time and consideration to research the numerous options for how to achieve your goals, you will most likely stumble upon a few “Fitness Trends.”

Rather than invoking the proven methods of dieting sensibly and exercising over a period of time, fitness gurus have come up with new and trendy ways to work out. While they may be sexy and fun, are they actually producing results?

Here are a few examples. continue reading »

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