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Are People More Prone To Exercise During The Summer? 4


summer exerciseIn short my answer is yes but what are the reasons for this and is there any proof to actually back up this claim?


Well one of the main reasons people take up exercise during the summer months is because it isn’t constantly raining and cold and funnily enough the combination of the last two help to put exercising at the back of everyone’s minds in the winter. continue reading »

Fitness Trends are they Worth the Hype? 1


We all understand how important it is to get fit but there are so many different kinds of programs and classes popping up how do you decide which one to choose?

fitness trends After taking the time and consideration to research the numerous options for how to achieve your goals, you will most likely stumble upon a few “Fitness Trends.”

Rather than invoking the proven methods of dieting sensibly and exercising over a period of time, fitness gurus have come up with new and trendy ways to work out. While they may be sexy and fun, are they actually producing results?

Here are a few examples. continue reading »

Tips to Help You When You Find Yourself in a Workout Rut 3


workout funFirst things first, I’m not a fitness expert by any means. BUT if you’re anything like me, you are starting to get frustrated with all of the “experts” out there. Telling you to first “do this,” but then a new study comes out and really, “doing this,” is actually hurting your physique.

As I am a fairly modest person, I hate to even admit that I am actually in good shape. Of course I have the occasional terrible-no-good-for-you-in-any-shape-or-form meal or snack…but hey, I’m not claiming to be perfect. continue reading »

Pump up Your Workout Routine 1


Workout routine Working out and exercising have come a long way since the Jane Fonda days. Instead of having to go to a gym or buy expensive workout videos that will surely begin to clutter the house, those who are fans of working out can now get non-stop access to aerobics, weight training, and pretty much any other kind of exercise they could imagine. The dawn of niche television allows channels like The History Channel, Food Network and FitTV to bring hard-core history buffs, foodies and exercise fanatics their fill and them some of their hobby/obsession of choice.

FitTV shows episode after episode of instructional exercise segments, each geared to a certain exercise style and fitness level. One show may teach belly dancing, and in the next a group of gleeful, spandex- and Lycra-clad Nordic people teach cardio with Kilawea and the Hawaiian coast in the background. continue reading »

Your Daily Exercise Must Be Enjoyable 0


enjoy exerciseIt may be hard to stick to a daily plan. Some days you just love your jogging, next day you feel you hate it. That’s when you feel you already hate it. And you start forcing yourself into doing that – this is beginning of an end. The moment you start forcing yourself into doing your exercise, you stop getting benefit from it.

Your daily exercise is not only the step to keeping fit and looking good. It should be the way to feel better, to maintain emotional balance, to fight the depression. If your exercise does quite the opposite, if you do not enjoy it and on the contrary feel obliged to do that – it is not going to work.

So how to enjoy your daily exercise? Just stay motivated and creative! continue reading »

How to Enjoy Your Keeping Fit 2


I figured that was a great idea to start this way listing most fun ways to keep fit because that’s the point of this resource: to show you how to enjoy your workouts and healthy life style.

So here we go: only those ways you will enjoy! continue reading »

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