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Jogging Rejuvenation:How You Can Have Fun While You Run 0


runningAs with any type of workout, running can eventually become humdrum, making a once-invigorating activity feel like a drag. The same route, the same pace, the same time, etcetera… and pretty soon there’s nothing exhilarating left to the exercise you used to love.

But there are plenty of ways to pull ourselves out of this running rut and put the joy back into the jog. By switching things up, finding new motivation, and looking at this excellent exercise in a different way, we can breathe new life into a running regimen that’s gone stale. continue reading »

Work Out DVDs: Pros and Cons 2


Exercise will always be a part of every person who is concern with his health and with his life. Some people would do whatever it takes just to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles. Some get addicted to a particular routine that they would end up doing the same exercise everyday. This may be okay for some people but there are some who are not into routines and would find it boring and monotonous. These people would end up hating exercise from then on. continue reading »

More Uses for Your Dumbbells (That You Might Not Have Thought Of) 0


If you only buy one piece of home equipment for your home gym you should certainly make sure that it’s dumbbells that you opt to go for. Dumbbells are by far the most versatile and multi-functional items you can add to your equipment and some variation of almost all of the basic exercises can be performed using dumbbells (and preferably a bench too). There’s certainly no muscle group that you can’t reach with dumbbells and this makes them vital possessions for anyone with a passing interest in fitness. continue reading »

7 Common Mistakes Women Make While Working Out 0


Consistency is a bad thing

Walking into a gym is a pretty intimidating experience.  Everywhere you look, there are hot and sweaty people who appear to be totally enthralled in their workout.  continue reading »

Picking the Best Workout for a Newbie 7


By definition a newbie is someone who is a novice, newcomer, or inexperienced in that activity. While some people use this in a more negative light; the honest truth is that we were all newbie’s at some point in time. But the nice thing about being in that place is that there is nowhere to go but up! continue reading »

Climb Off the Pounds 6


Losing weight is hard: the dieting, the hours at the gym and the guilty pieces of cake. The reason many people find it to be so hard to drop even just 5 pounds is the monotony that comes with dieting and exercising—treadmills just aren’t the exciting. continue reading »

Amp Up Your Exercise! 3


Amp Up Your Exercise!

So you’re a gym rat, but you aren’t quite seeing the results that you wanted to, or maybe expected to? You’re running, you’re lifting, you’re doing yoga – but maybe you aren’t prepping your body the way that you should be in order to really reap the benefits, and feel the impact. continue reading »

FitRabbit Turns Achieving Your Fitness Goals into a Social Game 5


Calorie counting and tracking workout intensity through software can often be a bit of chore. FitRabbit is a mobile app (currently only supported for the iPhone) that puts a twist on traditional diet and fitness software by turning your fitness goals into a fun, social game. continue reading »

Couples Should Keep Fit and Healthy Together 8


The word endorphins seems to be one of the buzz words within well-being lifestyles, and it’s for good reason. All of us contain natural feel good chemicals commonly known as endorphins, and when these chemicals are released it makes us feel a sense of euphoria and can greatly influence our outlook on many things.

If you and your partner worked on releasing these endorphins collectively, on a regular basis, absolutely everything in your lives will be positively impacted. continue reading »

Five Ways To Shock Your Muscles Into Growth 5


If you’re currently on a muscle building workout plan and have been finding lately that you’re seeing less than optimal development, chances are you’ve hit a growth or strength gaining plateau.  This is a very normal occurrence for almost every trainee because as the body adapts to the workload being given to it, it fully manages to overcome it and then no longer sees a reason to change.

If you want to keep your body responding as best as possible so that you can move forward and see greater results, you have to push it back out of its comfort zone so it has a new reason to sit up and grow stronger. continue reading »

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