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Lifestyle Rather Than Simple Exercise Key To Weight Loss For Older Women 0


women sportsLifestyle Rather Than Simple Exercise Key to Weight Loss for Older Women

For women over the age of 40, effective weight loss requires the adoption of a new way of life. Here is some advice for trainers on how to best facilitate these changes.

Despite the obvious benefits from exercise in terms of health, fitness, energy and mental wellbeing, the primary reason most women over the age of 40 start a workout program with a personal instructor is weight loss. And while men of this age can drop pounds through exercise alone, this is less true for women. Therefore in order for women to see the wanted physical results from exercise, it is vital that the personal instructor coaxes them into altering their diet and lifestyle alongside the personalized routine. continue reading »

Apps To Help You Lose Weight 2


lose weightWith all the research that is out there, we know that being at a healthy weight and exercising is the best course for our future. Living a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce our risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. With its many health benefits, plus added energy and a more pleasing look, it is no wonder the weight loss industry continues to thrive with business. If you are starting your weight loss journey and feel you need an extra push to help you along the way – it does not mean you need to shell out the big bucks for a nutritionist or trainer. In fact, you probably have everything you need at the tips of your fingers – that is right; your smartphone can provide you with a wealth of information through a number of different weight loss applications. So do not delay, check out these amazing apps that can help you focus even more on being the best you can by getting into the best shape of your life!  continue reading »

Top 3 Secrets For Burning Belly Fat 0


Belly fat is, just as it sounds, a layer of accumulated fat that resides above the abdominal muscles. While no area of fat can be targeted specifically and exclusively for elimination, the following tips will help anyone to burn fat, lose weight  and have a more defined, less amorphous abdominal region. continue reading »

Mistakes People Make to Reduce Weight 8


Having a healthy and good looking body is something everyone desires. Sadly though our lifestyles has changed a lot in the recent years so much so that we are no more as healthy and strong as our ancestors used to be. Lack of physical activity, fast food which are filled with calories but have no nutritional value, stress, all these ingredients cumulate and create the present health crisis the world is facing. continue reading »

Climb Off the Pounds 6


Losing weight is hard: the dieting, the hours at the gym and the guilty pieces of cake. The reason many people find it to be so hard to drop even just 5 pounds is the monotony that comes with dieting and exercising—treadmills just aren’t the exciting. continue reading »

Eight Reasons Why Wheat Is Making You Gain Weight 10


Wheat Is Making You Gain WeightIf you are making conscious efforts to get rid of excess body fat then you should make yourself aware of certain facts that can be helpful towards weight loss. A healthy and balanced diet combined with proper exercise regimen are the most significant ways to get rid of excess body fat and stay fit for life.

continue reading »

Weight Loss is a Happy Adventure 8


Have you noticed how a TV host specializing in sweets, cakes and all those sinful chocolate preparations looks vibrant, youthful and in perfect shape, even though she is reportedly in her early fifties? Contrarily, another host of the same age who talks about diet, nutrition, health on the television seems to have aged too soon.

continue reading »

What is a Calorie and Why Do I Care? 10


A calorie is a measure of energy, and more specifically of heat. In our day, we use this number to count the amount of energy in foods compared with the amount of energy that our bodies use during the day. Something else you may not know is that “calorie” is actually short for “kilocalorie”. continue reading »

3 Very Unconventional Ways to Lose Weight 5


If you’ve been trying to find a way to lose weight that actually works, and are sick of the influx of diet pill scams and articles telling you to stop eating and exercise more (wow, I didn’t know that!), it may be an indication that the conventional approach isn’t working for you (not that there’s anything wrong with this, considering that doing monotonous cardio is not something that everyone has time for). continue reading »

Lose the Gimmick! The Truth about Weight Loss! 10


Alright be prepared because I’m not going to sugarcoat any of this. First throw away any weight loss pills you have, don’t waste your time or money with them. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to change your relationship with food permanently. Weight loss pills are gimmicks, looking for a sucker with money to spend.

I should know they took a lot of my money. The vast majority of weight loss pills don’t work, or will stop working when you stop taking them. And who wants to be skinny for a little while? No one that’s who! continue reading »

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