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Eat Your Way to Energy 1


The main reason people changed their eating habits during the past years was to get more energy. Often times, people would usually wake up, work for a few hours and then grab a breakfast between 8 or 9 am.

When lunch came, anywhere between 2 and 4, they would be already tired and exhausted. And of course, they would always opt for a big dinner. It’s no wonder they were always dragging. continue reading »

Five Simple and Healthy Habits 3


We all want to be healthy, but few of us make the necessary changes to our diet and lifestyle to make a real impact. It can seem hard to commit to strict rules when our busy routines don’t allow for such drastic measures.

If extreme diets aren’t realistic for you, there are still a few healthy and simple habits you can practice that will make a difference. These are things we should all do, and these changes don’t require much effort in order to enjoy the benefits they offer. continue reading »

Healthy Teeth: Proper Diet and Proper Care 41


Proper oral hygiene is mandatory for healthy teeth and gums. By making use of some simple tips in order to achieve this goal, you can save lots of money for expensive treatments in the long run.   continue reading »

How Healthy Are You Really? 2


how-healthyWhere do you rate on the scale?  Take the quiz and find out!

Cigarettes cause lung cancer.  Too much sun causes skin cancer.  Obesity can cause a whole slew of problems, including heart disease and diabetes, two of the biggest killers. continue reading »

How to Recover From an Intense Workout 12


intense workoutI recently had an intense workout – it was boot camp style and even though I work out almost every day it really kicked my trash. In fact, I could barely move at all the next day. What to do? continue reading »

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