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The Magic of Folic Acid 11


Folic Acid is a water-soluble, b-complex vitamin.  It has plenty of benefits in a number of areas of the body.  The vitamin helps with the health of cells and formation of body tissues.  It prevents birth defects, certain types of cancer and anemia. continue reading »

10 Fat Fighting Superfoods 5


If you love to eat, but you are trying to lose weight, consider adding these weight loss superfoods to your diet. They give you more nutritional bang for the buck, raise your metabolism, or burn more calories to digest than consumed.

A well-rounded, healthy diet shouldn’t focus on just a few foods. However, to lose fat, the addition of some of these superfoods may help you eat more and lose weight safely. Consider taking them as snacks or sides to main meals. continue reading »

Healthy Teeth: Proper Diet and Proper Care 41


Proper oral hygiene is mandatory for healthy teeth and gums. By making use of some simple tips in order to achieve this goal, you can save lots of money for expensive treatments in the long run.   continue reading »

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