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Working Out On The Road: 3 Kick Ass Workouts While Traveling 0


on the goYou know what sucks about business travel? The lifestyle. Anyone who spends a decent amount of time on the road knows that exercise and healthy eating are the first things to get ditched. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

There are tons of ways to get healthy, nutritious food when on the road but exercise, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult to fit in. So we’re here to help. Here are my personal three best ways to get a kick ass workout while on the road. continue reading »

Taking Your Family on a Road Trip: Ten Things to Do 0


Family road trips can go two ways: they’ll either be great fun or a complete nightmare. If you want to make sure your road trip is more about bonding than battling with each other, read on for ten things to do before and on the road. continue reading »

What Type of Vitamins Should You Take When Traveling? 2


As any experienced traveler can tell you, the excitement of a new adventure can be both physically and emotionally taxing. From adrenaline rushes throughout the long day, to exhausting walks around a new city, traveling isn’t all fun and games.

Combined with the effects of jet lag, many people end their vacations more tired than they began. continue reading »

What a Weight-Loss Vacation Can Do for You 1


The purpose behind vacationing is often relaxing, unwinding, and indulging. However, many see it as something more: an opportunity to conquer a goal, get healthy, and stay fit. A new genre of holidays are growing increasingly popular, and these are getaways designed specifically for those looking to lose weight. continue reading »

How to Stop Sickness Ruining the Trip of a Lifetime 0


Here are some great tips gleaned from doctors and medical experts around the globe to help prevent sickness when traveling. Following these general guidelines while on vacation can help you to stay active and healthy and enjoy your time away to the full. continue reading »

3 Quick Meals from around the World 1


One of my favourite things about traveling and going on holidays abroad is the food choices and the difference between foods abroad and your home country.

Geographically, the food is available in your country tends to define the recipes used in your traditional diet, with the import of foods from other countries we have seen ingredients that were once seasonal be available all year around which I suppose has enabled us to have varied diets during all seasons of the year we can have a salad a curry or good old sausage and mash with onion gravy. continue reading »

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