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Staying Active with Limited Mobility 2


We all know that diet and exercise are vital elements of good health. No matter what the current “fad diet” is, or how advanced video games become, health care professionals still agree that maintaining a balanced diet and participating in a safe and productive exercise routine give you the best chance of being physically and mentally healthy. continue reading »

Work More Than Your Mind: Health and Fitness from Your Desk 5


healthy at deskWhere does most of America spend its 9-to-5? Behind a desk.

How does America spend most of its free time? In the driver’s seat (or the recliner).

What is the world’s heaviest country? America.

With over 30% of America’s population considered to be medically obese, and at least two-thirds of the population to having an above-average score on the Body-Mass Index scale, it is clear that when you combine an inactive lifestyle with an excessive caloric intake you will be doing more harm than good. continue reading »

How to Recover From an Intense Workout 12


intense workoutI recently had an intense workout – it was boot camp style and even though I work out almost every day it really kicked my trash. In fact, I could barely move at all the next day. What to do? continue reading »

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Begin a Weight Training Program 5


This is a guest post by Andrew Salmon

weight training programWeight training is the best way to develop the entire musculature. Building muscles can be easy and fun but there are some things you need to look out for. So whether you’re a novice or someone looking to get back into shape, here are 5 things you need to know about weight training.

1. Work The Whole Body

Walk into any gym and you’ll see them: the guys with big arms and legs like sticks or runners with bulging thighs and upper bodies like 90 year old librarians. It’s important to realize that looking good via weight training is a fringe benefit of pumping iron, it’s not the goal. Fitness should be what you’re aiming at and you can’t be fit if you’ve neglected muscles groups in your training. The human musculature is a system of interlocking muscles. Every muscle group has to be toned and developed.

2. Say Goodbye To Dieting!

Beginning a weight training regimen, you need to think about diet. Notice I didn’t say you need to think about going on a diet. If you’re going to be lifting weights with the goal of building lean muscle, you’ll find you actually need to eat more than you usually do, not less. continue reading »

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