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5 Tips for Healthy Eating at Work 4


For the working professionals who stayed more than 8 hours per week at work, eating healthy can be a big challenge. With the stress that they face everyday with the various meetings that they have to attend, the deadlines that they have to meet and the like, it is easier and convenient for them to make impulsive food choices that are oftentimes unhealthy. continue reading »

Four Ways That Canadians Eat Better Than Americans 2


While most Canadians and Americans would agree that their two countries are fairly similar, one area where the two countries differ is eating habits. According to a recent study by The NPD Group, Canadians eat better than Americans in the following ways: continue reading »

Eat Your Way to Energy 1


The main reason people changed their eating habits during the past years was to get more energy. Often times, people would usually wake up, work for a few hours and then grab a breakfast between 8 or 9 am.

When lunch came, anywhere between 2 and 4, they would be already tired and exhausted. And of course, they would always opt for a big dinner. It’s no wonder they were always dragging. continue reading »

Eating Healthy While in College: Yes, It’s Possible! 7


Eating healthy can be difficult under any circumstance when consumers are inundated all day and every day with advertisements for high-calorie but good-tasting foods. When eating on a budget, college students don’t often have a lot of choices.

Fortunately, with a little attention and dedication, any student can enjoy a healthy diet for energy, stamina and health. continue reading »

What to Eat Before a Workout: Your Guide to Pre-Exercise Snacks 11


pre-exercise-snacksKnowing what to eat before a workout has a lot to do with understanding your body. Only you know how hard you can push yourself and the ideal energy level for giving a workout your best and leaving you feeling great.

Everyone is different – the perfect pre-exercise snack for someone else may not be quite right for you. Hopefully with the following ideas, you’ll be able to determine exactly what to eat before a workout. continue reading »

An Apple a Day Keeps the Beast at Bay 3


Go into the break room of any office or workplace, and you will surely find every manner of chips, cookies, cakes, coffee, and soft drinks. Westerners love food, and we love fatty, unhealthy junk foods more than any other, it seems. It appears that English-speaking peoples have developed some decidedly unhealthy eating habits, exchanging wholesome, fresh food for synthetic, over-processed pseudo-food. Some people tend to snack at work, when they are sitting at a desk performing a monotonous task, while others habitually “munch” while they are at home. People who are trying to quit smoking have a tendency to snack in order to cope with their desire for a cigarette. continue reading »

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