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Is the Lack of Sleep Making You Fat? 0


shutterstock_103062962Everyone says that sleep deprivation is not good for you. Have you ever wondered why? Many people with sleep deprivation have experienced the exhausting run down feeling. Some of my colleagues complain that they sometimes doze off even when they’re supposed to sit straight in the office chair.  continue reading »

7 Healthy Habits To Encourage Better Sleep 0


sleepDo you feel worn out most of the time? Do you feel irritable and quickly annoyed at people for silly reasons? There are many reasons why you may feel this way, but the most common reason is lack of restful sleep. Plenty of contributing factors affect the quality of sleep and these are usually associated with pressure at work, relationship problems, family responsibilities and illness. Sadly, it is difficult to control all the factors that affect your sleep, but you can always integrate healthy sleeping habits into your daily routine to encourage better sleep. These habits can be gradually incorporated until you are able to maintain them each day for maximum results. continue reading »

Top 5 Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder 4


To many of us, winter is a magical time. One day you’re walking through the frigid, cold weather, with everything in shades of brown, and the next day the entire world is blanketed in a layer of puffy white.

This is the time where families and friends spend the entire afternoon in the gently falling snow, having adrenaline-filled snowball fights with each other. continue reading »

The 6 Major Health Benefits of the Sauna 8


Saunas are not only relaxing, but they are physically and psychologically beneficial. While it is commonly thought of as a luxury spa treatment, it is actually very accessible to most people as they can even have a sauna system installed at home. Here are some of the many health benefits of saunas. continue reading »

How To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season 4


It’s the holiday season, which means that it’s that time of year when our waistlines tend to expand. But there are things that everyone can do that will reduce the chances of horrible weight gain. continue reading »

Athletes Who Sleep Better Perform Better 4


Studies have shown that sleep, or lack thereof, has profound effects not only on an individual’s physiology but may also on one’s psyche, cognition. In short, whenever you lose a proper trip to slumber-land, not only do you feel lethargic but you also experience irritability, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue and a host of other signs and symptoms associated with the condition. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your athletic performance. continue reading »

10 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger 3


Ask any 40 or 50 year old woman what her number one wish is, and she’ll probably give you the popular ‘to look younger’ answer. Aging is a natural process, and none of us are immune from getting older; but who says we have to look our age? continue reading »

Five Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Shower Daily 3


1. Productivity Boost: Taking a shower not only boosts your cleanliness, but also changes your brain’s mindset. If we feel “gross” or “dirty” our minds will be off of topic and often our productivity will be damaged. That is why it is healthy and recommended to shower daily; especially heading off to work. That way you will feel better about yourself and your focus will be on the tasks at hand. continue reading »

The Top 4 Vitamins Used For Insomnia Treatment 11


Insomnia is a medical term that is used to refer the various kinds of sleep disorders. Anyone suffering from the symptoms of this disease can face severe issues that are related to the pattern of sleeping.

This usually happens when you lack sleep, and especially during times of stress or anxiety. It is imperative that you find a cure for insomnia as soon as you can, since the constant lack of sleep, which is also one of the major symptoms of the disease, can eventually lead to severe issues of the mental as well as physical health. continue reading »

At Home Snoring Remedies 7


Snoring is said to affect over 90 million people worldwide, generally causing day-time sleepiness, a lack of concentration, moodiness, and an overall sense of being tired all of the time (both for the snorer and the snorer’s bed parner). Snoring can be the result of all sorts of things and can change throughout the night. Some people snore more often and more loudly when sleeping on their side or back. It’s important to take note of these changes as chronic loud snoring may be a sign of a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea. continue reading »

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