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Even With Discounts and Promos, it Still Holds: Beauty Comes with a Fee 0


There is always a price tag attached to anything and everything there is. Do you want the perfect hair? The salon’s services are not free! Are you dying for that buffed and toned physic? Gym’s membership is costly! Are your spirits dipping low as your wrinkles and lines are? continue reading »

Three Easy Tips That Will Save you Hundreds of Pounds on Cosmetics 0


Are you trying to make cutbacks and save money? If the answer’s no then you either a recent lotto winner or just extremely naive. In the current economic climate, we would all do well to save the pennies wherever we can. Some of you might have already cut out luxuries and may be in the process of trimming up in essential areas like your food bills. continue reading »

Put Your Best Face Forward With A Discount And Coupons 4


Discount and coupons can be used for any type of facial care. Anti-wrinkle products as well as refreshing toners can be found. These can help keep faces look younger and firmer with regular use. There are many products that can be used to keep a younger look. They can be used as part of a preventative care regimen for some. Others may use them to help undo damage from years of sun exposure. continue reading »

How Mouth Guards Can Save You Money 3


You have heard the saying, “It takes money to make money.”  Well in this case, “It takes money to save money.”  Dental procedures are getting more expensive all the time, and the more you neglect the health of your teeth the more it is going to cost you in the future.  So how can a mouth guard really save you money?

By protecting your teeth from chipping and wearing down.  Whether you are an athlete or just someone who suffers from teeth grinding on a nightly basis, a mouth guard is designed to be comfortable and strong enough to protect your pearly whites. continue reading »

A Healthy You Through Technology 7


The way healthcare professionals and consumers are getting their health information is changing.

Monique Levy, an expert in the healthcare industry predicts that by 2012, “All physicians will be walking around with a stethoscope and a smart mobile device, and there will be very few professional activities that physicians won’t be doing with their handhelds.” continue reading »

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune 1


Did you know one of the best ways to save money throughout your life is to eat well? Health care spending for obese adults is about 50% higher than for adults at a normal or slightly heavier than normal weight!

Unfortunately, when you head to the grocery store, it can seem like you can’t afford to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy, cost-efficient weight. continue reading »

Why You Need a Home Gym if You’re Serious about Getting Fit on a Budget 10


Do you sometimes feel anxious at the thought of working out next to the fitter guys/gals down the gym? Sick to death of waiting in line for machines?

Does a busy schedule make it difficult to get to the gym? Do you hate the daily gym commute? If any of this sounds like you then working out at home is best thing you can do for your fitness goals.

There are tons of benefits to working out in your own home gym, some of which are: continue reading »

Free Healthfood Growing in Your Yard (Dandelions)? 1


Is free healthfood growing in your yard? Colonists brought dandelions with them to America to plant in their gardens.

Today, researchers have proven what the colonists knew several hundred years ago. Dandelions are packed with nutrition and offer medicinal benefits. Dandelions are free superfoods that almost anyone can access. continue reading »

Eating Healthy While in College: Yes, It’s Possible! 7


Eating healthy can be difficult under any circumstance when consumers are inundated all day and every day with advertisements for high-calorie but good-tasting foods. When eating on a budget, college students don’t often have a lot of choices.

Fortunately, with a little attention and dedication, any student can enjoy a healthy diet for energy, stamina and health. continue reading »

Healthy Food Is Too Expensive: Busting the Myth 6


*This is a guest post by very awesome Heather*

healthy food inexpensiveI hear two things all the time in regards to healthy living and coupon shopping: Either people complain they can’t eat well because it costs too much or they can’t use coupons because they like to eat healthy. I’m here to bust the myths, since my family does both!

Coupons are only for processed junk

This is probably one of the biggest myths surrounding couponing. Sure, you’ll find a lot of coupons for boxed goods, canned goods and snack foods. You’ll also find tons of coupons for health& beauty items, organic foods, frozen foods and, yes, even fresh meat or produce! My girls love when the Cuties coupon comes out – clementines are a huge hit at our house. continue reading »

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