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Jogging Rejuvenation:How You Can Have Fun While You Run 0


runningAs with any type of workout, running can eventually become humdrum, making a once-invigorating activity feel like a drag. The same route, the same pace, the same time, etcetera… and pretty soon there’s nothing exhilarating left to the exercise you used to love.

But there are plenty of ways to pull ourselves out of this running rut and put the joy back into the jog. By switching things up, finding new motivation, and looking at this excellent exercise in a different way, we can breathe new life into a running regimen that’s gone stale. continue reading »

Take Your Exercise Routine Outside 13


Warmer weather pulls many people outside with smiles and enthusiasm. Higher temperatures and clear ground enables transferring many indoor exercise routines into the great outdoors with minimal changes to basic routines. continue reading »

5 Out of the Box Fitness Techniques 7


When someone decides to get in shape and lose weight they typically join a gym, purchase a home fitness program involving a lot of DVDs and some special equipment or take up a walking routine. There are other ways to stay in shape that are a bit more off the beaten path; few would openly admit to using these techniques but they work and they’re different from the run-of-the-mill methods usually used. continue reading »

Top Spring Workouts for Getting in Shape 15


Spring is just around the corner and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the nice sunny weather, colorful flowers and extended daylight hours, especially those who belong to a fitness gym.

Along with spring comes the fear of trying on bathing suits for your future vacation get-a-way. But, if you’re looking to get in shape before summer, you want to be sure to incorporate a mixture of exercise routines into your daily regime. continue reading »

How Healthy Are You Really? 2


how-healthyWhere do you rate on the scale?  Take the quiz and find out!

Cigarettes cause lung cancer.  Too much sun causes skin cancer.  Obesity can cause a whole slew of problems, including heart disease and diabetes, two of the biggest killers. continue reading »

3-Steps Rhythmic Breathing Technique 8


Either when you are running or pedaling your treadmill or elliptical, your breathing technique is crucial for both your stamina and effective muscle training. Here’s one technique you may want to try: 3-3-step breathing runningsteps rhythmic breathing.

This means you breathe in rhythm with your stride every time you step timing your breaths to your foot strikes. You breathe in for three steps and breathe out for three steps: breathing in (one two three). Breathing out (one two three).

Here are some tips to follow the pattern: continue reading »

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