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5 Tips for the Most Relaxing Bath (Ever) 0


If you’re anything like a lot of people then you will probably start looking forward to bed right around 4pm when you hit that lull in the office and just want to go home. The idea of crawling into a soft and cool mattress with no worries left and nothing to do other than drift off can be incredibly alluring and can be what we need to get us through the day. continue reading »

5 Myths About Massage 6


Although a professional massage has many excellent benefits, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the practice that may prevent people from actually getting one. Here are a few of the more prevalent myths surrounding massage, and why they’re certainly not true. continue reading »

The Importance of Keeping Our Body Tension-Free 2


I have heard from Barry Long, a very clear-headed Australian spiritual master, that tension is the past in us not faced-up to.

In a way, I like hearing this statement as it gives me a reason for this unwelcome manifestation and, therefore a direction, it puts me in charge of my life, I stop being a victim as I now have a choice. continue reading »

What a Weight-Loss Vacation Can Do for You 1


The purpose behind vacationing is often relaxing, unwinding, and indulging. However, many see it as something more: an opportunity to conquer a goal, get healthy, and stay fit. A new genre of holidays are growing increasingly popular, and these are getaways designed specifically for those looking to lose weight. continue reading »

Top 3 Ways To Experience Deep Relaxation On A Budget 5


What is relaxing to some may not be relaxing to others. Knowing what makes you relaxed can help you find time to do it more. Getting to sleep can be a chore for at times. Especially when you are so tense that your mind refuses to shut down.

Your muscles are so tight that you toss and turn for hours, just trying to get into a comfortable position. If relaxation is what you need here are five ways to get to sleep faster and you do not have to buy a lot of expensive books, tapes or a CD series to do it. continue reading »

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