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7 Tips for Healthy Buffet Eating 9


If you are on a diet, you will try to stay away from temptation so you will not torture yourself as you try to control your appetite when presented with a good meal. That is why for dieters, buffet is their biggest enemy continue reading »

The Truth About Raw Bee Pollen 0


When it comes to natural food supplements, there is nothing like raw bee pollen to help boost your overall health and well-being.  But what makes raw been pollen so wonderful? continue reading »

Eating Healthy While in College: Yes, It’s Possible! 7


Eating healthy can be difficult under any circumstance when consumers are inundated all day and every day with advertisements for high-calorie but good-tasting foods. When eating on a budget, college students don’t often have a lot of choices.

Fortunately, with a little attention and dedication, any student can enjoy a healthy diet for energy, stamina and health. continue reading »

Are Microwaves Killing our Food? 6


microwave-killing-foodThere is great controversy surrounding the effect of microwaves on people and food. Between rumors that they cause cancer and destroy the nutrition of food, it can be difficult to sort propaganda from fact.

So what are microwaves, anyway?

A microwave is far more than simply a machine that heats food. They are, in fact, micro-waves. There are two types of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing.  Ionizing is the dangerous, nuclear sort. Non-ionizing includes micro and light waves. So how does a wave warm up food? It makes the food particles vibrate quickly, heating them. Cell phones also give off micro-waves. continue reading »

Healthy and Delicious! 3


healthy-and-deliciousWe all love a good takeaway, some of us perhaps too much! We know that a takeaway meal is quick, delicious alternative to home cooking or the centre piece of a night in with friends and family, curled up on the sofa with a good film.

We know there are a multitude of choices out there from traditional favourites like pizza and curry to more adventurous options such as Caribbean or Thai food. We know that it is easy to get hold of with proprietors dotted all over cities towns and villages in the UK waiting at our beckon call in the form of a phone call or mouse click.

What we perhaps don’t know is takeaways can be both a healthy and tasty treat. The obesity crisis has been hammered into us enough by the government and countless weight-loss themed TV shows, anyone gorging on gallons of gloopy green curry on a regular basis will be well aware of the effects on their waistline. continue reading »

Benefits of Eating Raw Food 11


Raw food is gaining popularity these days and for some very good reasons too. Raw food is good for our bodies.

So what is considered raw food? Well it is a vegetarian food which is not baked, cooked or heated over about 120 Fahrenheit or 48 Celsius.

Four main groups raw food is categorized with are:

  • vegetables and fruits,
  • sprouts of all kinds,
  • dehydrated breads and fruits,
  • and fermented food with friendly germs.

continue reading »

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