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7 Tips for Healthy Buffet Eating 9


If you are on a diet, you will try to stay away from temptation so you will not torture yourself as you try to control your appetite when presented with a good meal. That is why for dieters, buffet is their biggest enemy continue reading »

Banish Hunger from Your Diet with Volumetrics and Protein 5


Dieting is a discipline, no doubt, but some strategies can keep the losing weight from becoming too difficult. Hunger pains are never fun, and it’s hard to argue with the body when it is aching for food. To keep this natural bodily reaction at bay, high-water content, high-protein and high-fiber foods can help you avoid hunger without the guilt of betraying dietary restrictions. continue reading »

5 Weight Loss Diets That are Proven to be Harmful 10


While there are many popular fad weight-loss diets out there, most are just exaggerated and do not warrant any long term weight loss. In fact, many fad weight-loss diets have actually been proven harmful to your body. continue reading »

Four Ways That Canadians Eat Better Than Americans 2


While most Canadians and Americans would agree that their two countries are fairly similar, one area where the two countries differ is eating habits. According to a recent study by The NPD Group, Canadians eat better than Americans in the following ways: continue reading »

Diet and Medication Tips for a Healthy Heart 35


Recent statistics reveal that more than 700,000 people die of cardiac arrests annually in the US alone. That is roughly 1 in every 4 deaths in America, and given our recent bouts with obesity and fast food diets, experts are predicting higher numbers within the next few years.

The fact is that the heart is the center of our being and when this is impaired, our general health is destroyed. This is why health care professionals have been incessant in warning the public on the dangers of heart disease. continue reading »

3 Reasons To Start Taking Protein Shakes 8


whey protein shakeAs you start working out and exercising more you will learn the importance of protein in your diet. Proteins help rebuild your muscles after strenuous use such as lifting weights, running or playing sports. Your body will need a daily supply of protein depending on your weight. This is where protein supplements and shakes come in. They help ensure you’re getting enough of what your body needs to function at its peak level. continue reading »

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