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5 Tips for Safely Losing Weight After Having a Baby 8


Safely Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Anyone who has had a baby knows that the weight-loss countdown seems to start right after delivery. Unfortunately, we can’t just bounce back into our pre-pregnancy bodies. No, we must ease back into them, and we must do it right. Here are five tips for safely losing weight after having a baby: continue reading »

Top Tips for Exercising When Pregnant 14


Pregnancy brings so many changes that, when you’ve all sorts of important things to think about, maintaining your regular fitness regime is probably one of the last things on your mind. continue reading »

The Magic of Folic Acid 11


Folic Acid is a water-soluble, b-complex vitamin.  It has plenty of benefits in a number of areas of the body.  The vitamin helps with the health of cells and formation of body tissues.  It prevents birth defects, certain types of cancer and anemia. continue reading »

5 Signs It May Be Time to Talk to Your Doctor about Fertility 0


If you’re looking to have a baby but have not been successful, you want to think about seeing a specialist. There are five main signs that may indicate there is a problem that requires the help of a fertility expert. continue reading »

Midwife or Doctor? Four Things to Consider 2


The choice between using a traditional doctor or a certified midwife can be difficult to make. Each type of care offers high quality treatment during the pregnancy and birth, but they have distinctly different styles.

Consider your personality, your age, your health, the health of the baby, and your ideas about the best environment for a birth when making this important decision. If you really aren’t sure, you could find a practice that offers both midwives and doctors. continue reading »

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