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Mistakes People Make to Reduce Weight 8


Having a healthy and good looking body is something everyone desires. Sadly though our lifestyles has changed a lot in the recent years so much so that we are no more as healthy and strong as our ancestors used to be. Lack of physical activity, fast food which are filled with calories but have no nutritional value, stress, all these ingredients cumulate and create the present health crisis the world is facing. continue reading »

Eight Reasons Why Wheat Is Making You Gain Weight 10


Wheat Is Making You Gain WeightIf you are making conscious efforts to get rid of excess body fat then you should make yourself aware of certain facts that can be helpful towards weight loss. A healthy and balanced diet combined with proper exercise regimen are the most significant ways to get rid of excess body fat and stay fit for life.

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How HCG Helps You to Lose Weight Naturally 7


Obesity has become a major pandemic in our society today. The increased consumption of unhealthy fast foods that are high in saturated fats and calories coupled with sedentary lifestyles have all contributed significantly to this growing problem. ┬áMost of the developed and parts of the developing world are finding themselves locked in a helpless battle against this growing malaise. continue reading »

Surprising Ways People Gain Weight 10


surprising-weight-lossPeople gain weight all of the time and there obvious ways that they do this, such as overindulging, eating through boredom, depression and just general bad eating habits. The problem with this is that everyone knows about them already. What are the ways people gain weight that are surprising more than anything else?

No Sleep?

Sleep is something that most working people do not get enough of, there is no doubt about this. continue reading »

10 Most Creative and Simply Mean Ad Campaigns Promoting Weight Loss 29


There are a few really creative ad campaigns promoting healthy leaving and beautiful body. Some of them are really motivating, some of them are just mean.

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