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Nutrition Tips for Great Looking Skin 12


If you’re anything like the rest of the population, how you look will be very important to you. We worry endlessly about the image we present to the world and a very important part of this is how our skin looks. continue reading »

Can Eating Less Help You Lose Weight? 4


By now it’s no secret that weight is an issue for many, many people in the world. And, while many still struggle to find a decent meal every day, those of us living in the developed world are inundated with food and invitations to overindulge on almost an hourly basis. continue reading »

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello MyPlate 2


The United States Department of Agriculture, in an effort to combat the epidemic of obesity putting a strain on the American health care system, has retracted its traditional Food Pyramid in favor of a new suggestion of healthy meals, called MyPlate. continue reading »

What Type of Wine is Best For Prolonging Your Lifespan? 4


There are many people on the planet that love wine. It’s not only something they do, but a lifestyle. It’s great to sit down with family and friends at your favorite restaurant or around the dinner table and sip on your favorite vintage.

However, did you ever think that you’re actually drinking something good for your body and helping you prolong your life in the process?

continue reading »

Eat Your Way to Energy 1


The main reason people changed their eating habits during the past years was to get more energy. Often times, people would usually wake up, work for a few hours and then grab a breakfast between 8 or 9 am.

When lunch came, anywhere between 2 and 4, they would be already tired and exhausted. And of course, they would always opt for a big dinner. It’s no wonder they were always dragging. continue reading »

How Healthy Are You Really? 2


how-healthyWhere do you rate on the scale?  Take the quiz and find out!

Cigarettes cause lung cancer.  Too much sun causes skin cancer.  Obesity can cause a whole slew of problems, including heart disease and diabetes, two of the biggest killers. continue reading »

6 Damaging Dietary Habits 1


dietary-habitsHere are the six significantly damaging dietary habits you may not realize you have got. See how each of these habits affects your body. continue reading »

Mumbo Jumbo on a Can of Gumbo 0


Food LabelsOne of the most important, yet unheeded aspects of healthy eating is the nutritional labels on the outer packaging of most retail foods sold in the United States. The “Nutrition Facts” list is a federally mandated requirement on the labeling of consumer food products.

The Food and Drug Administration began requiring nutritional fact labels on almost all foods, except for meat and poultry, in 1990 with the enactment of the Nutrition Labeling & Education Act. The labels do no good, however, for the majority of consumers, because they do not understand how to read them and use them effectively. continue reading »

An Apple a Day Keeps the Beast at Bay 3


Go into the break room of any office or workplace, and you will surely find every manner of chips, cookies, cakes, coffee, and soft drinks. Westerners love food, and we love fatty, unhealthy junk foods more than any other, it seems. It appears that English-speaking peoples have developed some decidedly unhealthy eating habits, exchanging wholesome, fresh food for synthetic, over-processed pseudo-food. Some people tend to snack at work, when they are sitting at a desk performing a monotonous task, while others habitually “munch” while they are at home. People who are trying to quit smoking have a tendency to snack in order to cope with their desire for a cigarette. continue reading »

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