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Keep Up The Pace – How To Stay Motivated When You’re On A Diet 0


fitnessWe all know how diets go… they are kick-started by a huge burst of inspiration and motivation and for the first week or so you’re on a roll. You’re at the gym every day and you’re eating nothing but low-calorie, healthy meals. Your body is a temple! However, fast forward a couple of weeks and everything grinds to a halt. You’re sneaking in the odd cake or donut, you’re skipping gym sessions and you’re consumed with feelings of guilt about that late night kebab (you know, the one you ate right after you downed a bottle of wine). continue reading »

Can You Actually Motivate Anyone? 2


Can You Actually Motivate AnyoneEveryone knows that one person who just doesn’t try. Their lives are a mess, but they won’t take any steps to change it. They consistently make bad choices and find themselves in trouble, digging the hole deeper and deeper. Sometimes they have mostly positive lives, but there is one element that makes them unhappy that they could fix, but just won’t do so. continue reading »

4 Ways To Convince Yourself To Exercise 6


Most of us are spending long hours sitting in front of a computer or watching TV programs. As a result, we are doing less physical activities and starting a regular fitness regimen seems to be an impossible goal. For sure many of us tried to fit in exercise in our daily schdule but it simply didn’t work out for some reasons. You hardly find one person who can make it through to their goal of staying fit and healthy.

As we all know, exercise is full of health benefits but the idea of staying on track is a challenge. If you are facing this challenge, then the below points may help you convince yourself to exercise.

Be a morning person. Losing weight or staying fit is an effort. It means you need to work out and sweat to achieve your desired fitness level. It will not happen if you are simply sitting in front of the TV though it will if you will run everyday for half an hour or go to the gym on regular basis. continue reading »

Get The Perfect Beach Body Ready For Summer 7


As winter comes and goes, men and women across the country are beginning to realize that the clock is ticking and summer is fast approaching. These same couch potatoes are looking forward to heading out to enjoy the warm beach weather, but are also realizing that their bodies are not in beach-ready conditions. While each person has their own idea of the perfect beach body, both men and women will undoubtedly benefit from changes in their daily routines. If any of these individuals are truly committed to seeing results, they will find encouragement through following these simple tips and tricks.

Put the Potato Chips Down!

If the body is likened to a car, then its fuel source is food. While sugary, high-fat meals and snacks are rich energy sources, they do not provide a very high gas mileage for the vehicle. Crisps, chips, cakes and buns are like crude oil that will clog up the car’s pipes and valves. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense that provide the body with a high-quality, clean energy that helps the engine run better. These foods not only give the body more energy for immediate use, they also help to boost the metabolism and help burn off some of the existing fat stores in the body. continue reading »

Couples Should Keep Fit and Healthy Together 8


The word endorphins seems to be one of the buzz words within well-being lifestyles, and it’s for good reason. All of us contain natural feel good chemicals commonly known as endorphins, and when these chemicals are released it makes us feel a sense of euphoria and can greatly influence our outlook on many things.

If you and your partner worked on releasing these endorphins collectively, on a regular basis, absolutely everything in your lives will be positively impacted. continue reading »

Five Things That Will Stop You Attending The Gym 1


It’s common knowledge that most of us want to go to a gym – after all, we all want to be fit, healthy and with a body to die for. But the fact of the matter is – most people who join a gym cease attending after a relatively short time. continue reading »

Finding Time For Fitness 9


Do you find it difficult to make time to work out in your busy schedule?  Do you look at your workout clothes with guilty longing and wish that you just had “more time”?

Using these five easy steps, you can incorporate physical fitness into your daily routine – no matter how busy you are! continue reading »

3 Must-Know Health and Fitness Mantras 3


fitness mantrasThere may be more important things in this world than health, but without health, you cannot experience or enjoy any of them. Good health is a blessing that most of us don’t realize we should be thankful for; rather, we tend to adopt a callous attitude towards health most of the time and we abuse our body by eating the wrong food, leading a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking, and keeping odd hours.

Good health and fitness are not that hard to achieve – in fact, all you need to know and remember are the below three mantras if you want to stay fit and healthy: continue reading »

Morning Motivation with Cleansing Breath 6


Cleansing breath motivation Have you ever waken up to realize it was a really hard evening, a too gloomy morning and an overwhelmingly busy day ahead to get up and go running? Have you ever felt you desperately need a new powerful source of motivation?

Here’s a nice tip for you to feel a sudden powerful a surge of energy: cleansing breath. continue reading »

10 Most Creative and Simply Mean Ad Campaigns Promoting Weight Loss 29


There are a few really creative ad campaigns promoting healthy leaving and beautiful body. Some of them are really motivating, some of them are just mean.

See for yourself: continue reading »

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