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Foods To Avoid When Trying To Gain Muscle Mass 3


no-drinks-no-ice-cream-signsIf your fitness goal is to gain lean muscle mass, regular strength training to progressively challenge your muscles is essential. Most people trying to gain muscle mass understand this basic concept and do a good job at either completing higher reps lifting weights or doing body weight exercises.

But strength training is only one part of the equation necessary to build muscle mass. And too many people ignore the nutritional part of the equation to gain muscle mass. There are foods for muscle gain, and then there are foods you should avoid. continue reading »

Why I am not losing weight? 1


ways to lose weightHave you been honestly following a diet for quite a long time but you cannot see any tangible results? Have you been sweating in a gym, but still not a  dream body in a mirror? What could’ve gone wrong?

Effective and healthy weight loss takes time and effort. There is a list of questions you have to ask yourself. continue reading »

6 Great Health Apps for the iPhone 1


There has never been a better time to lose weight and be healthy as the times we live in today. Thanks to the technology that apps give us, all that we know about exercise and health is easily accessible at our fingertips. Journals, trackers, tips, statistics, graphs and even tracked miles and distances by GPS are now possible. continue reading »

Caffeine Cosmetics: Coup or Con? 2


Caffeine seems to be the new “miracle” ingredient in cosmetic products these days – but what products are available on the market right now and is there any real proof that caffeine works? Let’s find out. continue reading »

Mistakes People Make to Reduce Weight 8


Having a healthy and good looking body is something everyone desires. Sadly though our lifestyles has changed a lot in the recent years so much so that we are no more as healthy and strong as our ancestors used to be. Lack of physical activity, fast food which are filled with calories but have no nutritional value, stress, all these ingredients cumulate and create the present health crisis the world is facing. continue reading »

Eight Reasons Why Wheat Is Making You Gain Weight 10


Wheat Is Making You Gain WeightIf you are making conscious efforts to get rid of excess body fat then you should make yourself aware of certain facts that can be helpful towards weight loss. A healthy and balanced diet combined with proper exercise regimen are the most significant ways to get rid of excess body fat and stay fit for life.

continue reading »

Get In Shape for The Summer – The Acai Berry Way 5


The summer holidays aren’t far away. Are you ready for the beach yet? If not, then don’t worry! There’s still time to get into great shape for the holidays, and, thanks to the Acai Berry Weight Loss techniques, you’ll enjoy doing it too. The Acai Berry tastes so good, it’s hard to believe that it’s healthy! continue reading »

How To Use The Glycemic Index To Lose Weight 6


Weight loss diets come and go. Every year there are new plans, guides and sometimes even diet revolutions. But what really makes a good diet plan? Why do some systems remain popular for years while others fade away? The short answer is science. Some diet plans are based on a limited number of personal experiences which for one reason or another do not help everyone who tries them. The diets which really work are those that are based on human biology and nutrition and so far the best system is the glycemic index. continue reading »

5 Weight Loss Diets That are Proven to be Harmful 10


While there are many popular fad weight-loss diets out there, most are just exaggerated and do not warrant any long term weight loss. In fact, many fad weight-loss diets have actually been proven harmful to your body. continue reading »

Can Eating Less Help You Lose Weight? 4


By now it’s no secret that weight is an issue for many, many people in the world. And, while many still struggle to find a decent meal every day, those of us living in the developed world are inundated with food and invitations to overindulge on almost an hourly basis. continue reading »

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